Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Evil Come, Evil Go

Evil come Evil Go Directed By Walter Davis, Starring Cleo O'Hara (1972).
There's nothing more lurid and entertaining as when the porn industry decides to delve into the horror circuit. Bob Chinn, the inspiration for Burt Reynolds in Boogie Nights joins the ranks of Roberta Findlay, Ray Dennis Steckler, Ed Wood and Harry Reems in Demented. Chinn was the producer of this film and even brought along his main studhorse, Johnny Holmes as the A.D. and rotten inept special effects guy. 
   On the recent Vinegar Syndrome Special Edition, they mention how Chinn came up with the idea for the script over a raw hamburger he received from a dingy restaurant.
   A psychotic redheaded vixen is just like "The Blues Brothers", on a mission from God to decimate the entire male populace for the crime of lust (well the first part is like the bungling Belushi/Ackroyd duo at least). 

Hey Yawl, Paula Dean in her salad days

   We see flashes of exposed organs covered in syrupy blood from her first victim, as the soundtrack plays corny banjo music and then her maudlin theme song, as she strolls along the beach. Don't Evangelicals have all the fun?
   Sister Jane Butler (O'Hara) seems to hop into bed only to jab a switchblade into your back at the moment of climax. Her second victim has some choice dialogue saying  "Gimme head, that way your mouth is full, so I don't have to hear your yackin"

I want a Bean Feast and a Snozberry !
 The actress who plays the title character looks like a rundown version of Tina Louise.
She brings out an accordion and plays for pocket change among the scuzzy streets. Her message "God is love, not Sex" is about as logical as the Westburo Baptist Church.
   She meets a girl at a hotdog stand who's also a religious nut that takes her in off the street and gives her a place to stay.

Rejected album cover for TAD's 8-way Santa
   The poor dope is so gullible that she submits to her warped religious mission and even bows to her as if she's her new personal savior!
   Sara strips the zaftig girl naked and elects her as bait, just how "The Children Of God" used to practice with flirty fishing, only this time leading drunks in bars down the path toward the slice of the knife.

I apologize profusely for my penis, madam 

   They interrupt a picnic sex scene with people that have the kind of bodies that would fit in an early John Waters film, I mean really fucking hairy, thankfully though, the sex is strictly softcore.

Eugene Levy can dig it, you don't want to see him ball

   Sara jane's sex helper Penny (Sandra Henderson) is vampish with a giant bush and the clowns she screws are hideous. But it's all part of the divine plan to eradicate the male species, so of course she's on board.
   There's heavy amounts of room tone that I'm hoping Vinegar Syndrome erased from the print (a prestigious copy was not sent over to the TOG headquarters).
   It turns out the vamp even sells out her former girlfriend and there's a lesbian sex/ suffocation scene. The film abruptly ends at a picnic, maybe they ran out of money? 
   I must admit, I like Walt Davis' style of ugly people in hideous settings splashed with the cheapest special effects available and up until this film had never heard of him. I tend to skip Something Weird softcore like Deep Jaws or The Dicktator, because I usually want to be able to live with myself the next day, but who knows I may check out more stuff by this schlocky director. 
Lots of Fun, Highly Recommended!


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