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Star Of David: Hunting For Beautiful Girls

Star Of David: Hunting For Beautiful Girls Directed By Noribumi Suzuki (1979)
An escaped sweaty military convict rapes a nerdy pencil pushing spineless wimp’s wife all through the night during a thunderstorm.
The film uses a massive amount amount of lurid detail and camera shots (almost like a comic book, which apparently it is)! Most graphic Japanese horror flicks are originally based on Mangas, Star Of David is based on the comic by Masaaki Sato. There are heads and plants strategically placed in front of genitals (Austin Powers Style)! 
Instead of taking his wife to the rape crisis center, this worthless piece of human filth decides to use it as a key to the door of a cavalcade of his own sexual perversion. The husband has been craving this abuse all along against his wife, but her enjoying the sexual assault is the next step toward the edge of depravity.
Oh, Shit, It gets worse, because she is pregnant with the child of the serial rapist. If you’ve read this far, be forewarned it doesn’t get any lighter or even come to a pleasant ending, so stop reading now if you are easily offended!
Good, you are still here OK! Let's delve into this loose sushi roll of fear and hatred! Meet Tatsuya a Holocaust fetishist and sophisticated junior rapist, he’s just a panther on the prowl looking for attractive girls to abduct. There are no heroes in this film, only repugnant creeps young and old and Tatsuya, a rich child of an utter scumbag gets everything he wants and is never stopped! It's so appalling! They show flashbacks of his twisted father beating Tatsuya bloody as a small child. The father rapes various women in front of his wife as punishment for her crime of enjoying the vicious assault. Tatsuya learns all this information from his father’s diary and replaces his parental figures with Nazis in his favorite book “Night And Fog”.  Inspired by the Holocaust, this mental reject decides to prey on women. Using a phony beard and lizard/monkey iron mask, he uses half of his inheritance to build a ghastly sex dungeon! 
There are so many super attractive women in this film, but its hard to enjoy them being defiled in the name of the Fuhrer! There is a lot of classical piano featured by Chopin for some reason (was he a Nazi fetishist too)? During a birthday party Tatsuya takes a break downstairs to plunge a knife into a strung up female victim and blood sprays all over his face! Then later he watches a high school girl preach a message of tolerance and peace on TV, it inspires him to abduct her and force her to masturbate while she watches the footage on the television. Star Of David has many scenes with old men forcing themselves on innocent girls in white cotton panties (a popular Osaka male driven fetish)! This is the delicate way we are introduced to Tat’s father (still up to his old tricks)! 
As sick and deranged as this movie gets, the 60’s Batman stylized lighting turns the shocking ugliness into eye-candy! Star Of David has a consistent theme of the degradation of man (stemming from Hitler’s invasion of Poland during Night & Fog). Tatsuya tells his classmate at college that he admires the power of the Third Reich (no kidding!) and even uses the Nazi book as a masturbatory device (if your jaw hasn’t hit the ground by now, you are a fascist loser)!
            Bunta Shugawara (Kinji Fukasaku’s main actor from Yakuza Graveyard and countless others) shows up in an odd brief cameo as a horny truck driver!
Tomasuya keeps a teenage slave around to cook his meals, who he humiliates and calls a lecherous pig. He drives a pop star mad, who foams at the mouth and climbs a tower in the middle of a busy traffic area. The main character is beneath contempt and Star Of David is a rough ride indeed, because the protagonist is completely devoid of any human compassion and is severely evil. There is a scene involving his father and an animal that is so wrong on so many levels that I could’nt forgive myself if I revealed it!  It all ends with on a confusing level, the director commentary didn’t solve any of my questions either! As far as I can gather, Salvation or God has no control over the lust for power and degradation that man inflicts on each other and director Noribumi Suzuki has revisited this theme connecting religion in a few others (School Of The Holy Beast uses the nun fetish angle). The religious elements in the film are confusing and deal with salvation through Christ, its vile and offensive even if you have the smallest shred of religious upbringing. Just like in The Wicker Man if you are not apart of the pagan flock you will be offended by a certain amount of confusing iconography. He also made the film Sex And Fury (Review here) and is an accomplished film maker usually working in the Pinky Violence film genre.  
It's Hunting Season

Just a Panther On The Prowl

You'd tell me if my Underoos looked funny right?

Just another day in the dungeon

I'm afraid to love!

Japanese Drew Carey

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