Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Battle Girl

Battle Girl (Emergency: Living Dead In Tokyo Bay) Directed By Kazuo “Gaira” Komizu Starring Cutie Suzuki (1991).
   The director of gag inducing massacre's like Guts Of A Virgin &  Entrails of a Beautiful Woman (this man obviously has an offal fetish...Puke!) is behind this robotic flavorless effort.
   Battle Girl is a departure to say the least,it's almost as if he needed a breather from swimming around in the scum pit of entrails, and made something bland, he's powerless without guts! (very apropos for this site)! Battle Girl a is criminally sauceless (bits here and there obviously, but very tame) Anime live action style superhero vehicle.
Here's the deal; a meteor has hit Tokyo and armed forces spring into action Captain Fukioka a sinister leader demands more electricity, is he Battlegirl's Dr. Frankenstein?, not sure yet? But some nice Repo Man style map graphics are shown.
A blockade is set up and it seems that this director is showing the military prowess of Japan when faced with an epidemic, I mean this is not their first monster mash! And 3 days later a horde of zombies infected by amphetimne gas pollution invade the town. Society is rapidly devolving into a safe haven for punks to rob and murder any unarmed citizens left.
Fashion Punk's still not dead!
Punks in a bus party down with weapons (think Japanese noise crust band attire) this is the new youth emerging after this meteor strike, it spawns multitudes of fashion victims apparently!
   At first Battlegirl is unassuming in her dirty jean jacket, but she is powerful in her supreme computer tech skills, an attribute you think would have been obsolete in a future dominated by space zombies and fashionistas fighting for meager survival, but you would be wrong!
The film starts to turn into live action animae (or cosplay) superfast as Battle Girl inherits a Rambo/Robocop suit that's equipped with automatic sunglasses) and goes to work.
The Captain sends his Kiss makeup soldiers after her and soon green hipster blood is spilling like a loose slurpee machine on the fritz!
BattleGirl's more adorable alter-ego
Cutie Suzuki who plays Battle Girl in reality is a wrestler, I like their literal translation of Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling better than ours.
 She finds mutilated casualties in a refugee camp and fights a metal toothed, Wolverine clawed soldier while a Sheena Easton "Strut" style instrumental techno song plays. The violence it pretty tame and videogame-esque. 
United Fruitcake Outlet
   Everyone is infected by the cosmo-amphetamine plague. The fight choreography is the most pitiful aspect of Battle Girl! I've seen better stunts in a Dolemite flick! This film has zero character development and people, shoot a lot of guns and blow up zombies but who cares! It's very plodding and difficult to feel connected to any of the interchangeable characters. A pretty weak effort from a usually hard edged and capable director.Next time stick to what you know best Mr. Komizu, GUTS!!!! Available via Fandor.
Is there a Dentist in the house?

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