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Raped By An Angel

Raped By An Angel (Xiang Gang qi an: Zhi qiang jian)Directed By Wai-keung Lau (1993)           
            The Notorious Chinese smut peddler Jing Wong is up to his old tricks, or what Theater Of Guts readers love about this unstoppable juggernaut producer, actor, writer and director!
            The Naked Killer was reviewed before and I found it to be pretty dull in comparison, I saw this one before hand (because the Naked Killer is very popular and it had a long wait on Netflix)! You can keep that Basic Instinct knock off, Raped By An Angel in my opinion is head and shoulders above The Naked Killer in demented style, quality and hilarity!
            That vile Jing Wong staple of politically incorrectness is represented with an obscene amount of rape jokes and an appearance of an AIDS Clown (I’ll try not to reveal how that one happens)!
            South Park had an episode where they proclaimed AIDS jokes as finally funny (in 2002), well in Hong Kong, nothing excruciatingly unfunny as an AIDS joke is off the table! They did it in 1993! So keep that in mind as you watch this film (or any other Jing Wong helmed vehicle).  
            Here’s a quote from Mr. Wong himself, “Vulgarity is the basic instinct of human beings. Humans misinterpret vulgarity. I change vulgarity into art as to let you enjoy it” See folks, he allows us to enjoy the slop sluicing forth out of the Wong Jing Workshop, so be grateful!

Does it come with funny shaped balloons?

         Most of the actors from The Naked Killer are back again except in completely different roles, which seems to be the standard as far as these sequels go. They just add another chapter or layer in an over bloated pile of sickness and mayhem, so get used to it! And don’t get too attached to the characters from the last film because they will all assume other roles in this “sequel”, “Hey be glad they showed up at all!”
            I wonder if these films have sequels because they can, or that they were such a box office smash that there was a demand for them! The Naked Killer has 4 more sequels as many as Death Wish! The titles are just as lurid as the content (Raped By An Angel does have alot of offensive material towards women,obviously)! That’s a given in these situations and I doubt any woman would be overjoyed to check out the next pro-rape genre film, these seem to be very popular, it doesn't add up! Then again that can be said for almost all rape/ revenge genre films aside from Savage Streets, MS. 45, I Spit On Your Grave or The Angel sequels, which are all women's castration of rapist fantasy movies. That's my favorite part about all genre films, it's an equal opportunity battlefield and a sleazy outlet for the entire human race to enact cathartic scenarios against each other.
            Chingmy Yau Suk-Ching (Naked Killer, Satan Returns) is the object of Mr. Chuck’s (Mark Cheng) unhealthy fixation, he dons a hocky mask and later a clown suit, while lurking around and penetrating various unwelcomed orifices. Yau is a fitty milk spokeswomen for an incredible commercial with dairy and machineguns! 
            Mr. Chuck enjoys rape fantasy sex with his girlfriend and has a repulsive break in and pretend you are on a date with other women style of cat burglary. He is a genuine predator and when he first meets Chingmy at a fitty milk celebrity party, he gets overly fresh with her and she calls him a wolf then pours ice water on his balls. One girl at another party has a shrieky cartoonish voice does fellatio tricks with a banana and ice cubes. Some foreshadowing occurs when they introduce a friend named Cindy who happens to have AIDS.
            Later during a rape seminar at a college, the teacher mentions Mike Tyson and JFK as 2 famous examples of rapists! Simon Yam (Dr. Lamb, Run & Kill) shows up playing an egg tart eating Triad who hangs out in a salon, getting his hair done. He is a sensitive gangster who loves his mother, Yau interviews him for extra credit at school (since she’s failing her class). Meanwhile Yau starts to fall in love with Tat (Simon Yam), the triad with a heart of gold. There is a lot of condom use in Raped, nice that they promote safe sex, but no one who watches this is looking for a positive safe sex message!
            Mr. Chuck begins to prey on all of Yau's friends and breaks into their apartments. He has that Patrick Bateman personality flaw of high-powered classy rapist and I think they are both handsome powerful men, who could get women, but instead enjoy the thrill of murder and conquest.
            Chuck cracks open about 4 condoms after brutally assaulting Man Man (who's a woman) afterwards he gets mad that she fucked up his hair and doesn't even acknowledge her shrieks of displeasure, he seems to relish them. He traps her in his apartment and forces her to be his makeshift wife. One of the mentally challenged leftovers (from Red To Kill) is led in blindfolded and gleefully assaults the same girl chained up in Mr. Chuck apartment! He also blackmails all of his former girlfriends on video (like an Asian Dennis Reynolds)! 
           A CID agent halls Chuck into court and there is a goofy courtroom scene and they all wear hilarious powdered wigs! Like in Lipstick and every other rapist convicted in court film, they are genius liars and always get sympathy from the judge and dumb jurors. In these films it’s always a nice set up for a final revenge showdown.
            I should mention that the judge is an American biker looking dude speaking dubbed Cantonese. 
           There's an unbelievable moment when Chuck uses a chainsaw to dispose of a body and it makes squeaky balloon noises (the film quality goes down a little, this is most likely a deleted scene). But it goes even further into cartoon territory when he brings Yau a present of a life-sized statue of a green haired clown. He gets trapped into contracting full blown AIDS, now that might be the sickest, mean spirited form of revenge ever committed!
Friday The 13th: The Final STD
            Jing Wong has been accused of going for the last tasteless dollar and appealing to the lowest common denominator (or the entry level human). It's all true! but why the hell not! I mean if Hollywood is pretending to champion art while at the same time wallowing in trash and misery, what's better? denial or honesty! That's why I have to say, exploitation has the full range of depraved honesty and shouldn't be judged in this light, if you don't want to see this kind of harmless filth, don't watch it! So I suggest you watch Naked Killer after this one, that way you won’t be disappointed in thinking it’s an actual sequel.
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AIDS jokes were funny in Hong Kong in the 90's
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