Friday, April 19, 2013

Black Devil Doll from Hell

Only $3.50!

  Right off the bat you get an opening title sequence with a 6 minute and 50 second theme song. It sounds like a rejected track from the Butthole Surfers' Album Hairway to Steven.(which for me is a good thing)

Our heroine of the film, Helen Black is played by the fearless Shirley L Jones. A typical day for Helen seems to be going to church and getting harassed by an annoying friend always trying to convince her that she needs a man so she can get laid. But being the good christian woman that she is the advice is rejected. This particular day she is also bothered by a dude selling TVs and other goods out of the truck of his car and he makes some sexual advances of his own that are denied. Later she decides to visit the Road's End Gift Shop where she is intrigued by what looks like a black "My Buddy" Doll from the 80s with dreads. The shop keeper tells her that the doll has been purchased 4 times already and always finds its way back to the store sooner or later.

"Would you like this gift wrapped?"

Helen buys the doll and after she gets it home weird things begin to happen. For instance, now when she showers she touches herself.(sounds normal to me) These scenes in the shower are the most frightening in the film. The next day or so the doll is talking and walking. The puppet uses his demon magic to possess and rape her. He explains that "Before he can give her pleasure he must first give her pain." He also calls her "bitch" a lot. The real surprise comes when he's standing at the end of the bed and in homage to "The Shining" says "Here's Johnny!". You can always count on a little comic relief from a puppet, even before he rapes you.

"Think you got enough soap? Bitch!"

"It's Howdy Booty Time!"

Helen has now gone from a church going model citizen to a dirty whore. She can't get enough of the doll's burnt bacon lookin' tongue.But now that she's insatiable the puppet decides it's time to dip and heads back to his place at the gift shop. Helen is now spreading her legs for anyone she meets but she's never satisfied like she was with her devil doll. She purchases the doll a second time but only to discover negative consequences!(to say the least)

"Your place or mine?"

"Get me some visine, quick."

Yes, earlier I called the lead actress fearless but maybe she owed the director Chester Turner a shitload of money to star in this shot-on-"shit"eo classic.
This movie can not be recommended, either it will be a 0 or a 10 depending on your taste.
I give it a 7/10 on the CULT-O-METER because it has survived the test of time and actually spawned a rad remake in 2007 buy director Jonathan Louis Lewis. Long Live Black Devil Doll!!!!!

Theater of Guts presents the Black Devil Doll Tribute Trailer
What if Lions Gate Films bought the rights and marketed the film 
as a Tyler Perry movie????
Watch and find out what it would look like! 


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