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A Chat with Happy Goldsplatt

Let's get "Happy"

Happy Goldsplatt is the comedic zombie partner of Nick Pawlow. The two starred together in the greatest trailer compilation video ever, Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell. That was in 1987. Happy has returned in 2012's Celluloid Bloodbath: More Prevues from Hell. He's back in the spotlight and the "living" here at Theater of Guts got in touch with the little brain muncher to ask a few questions and to pick his brain for a change!

Happy and Nick

 #1 How did you meet Nick Pawlow? Fate, that's the only word I can muster up. I reside in a cemetery that borders a wooded area that spills out onto a winding road. I try to find food in the wooded area, nothing fancy, possums and other nasty living crap. Anyway, this particular night, I see this dorky bald guy changing a tire by the side of the road, I start a conversation with him through some bushes, don't want him to see me. As things go. one thing lead to another. I'm workin on a book that spills the whole story. Will keep ya posted on that later.

 #2 Are you ever tempted to eat Nick? No, I would never eat Nick, he's done way too much for me. I never bite the hand that feeds me.

#3 What is your favorite prevue in Mad Ron's archives? That's really a tough one, I don't have a single favorite, but the ones that I really love are - I DRINK YOUR BLOOD/ EAT YOUR SKIN, UNDERTAKER AND HIS PALS, CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, BLOODSPATTERED BRIDE/I DISMEMBER MAMA.

#4 What is your favorite zombie movie of all time? No question, original NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD.

#5 And worst zombie movie? Way to many that suck. REVENGE OF THE DEAD? Great poster, no rating, and a big pile of nothing.

#6 Are you a fan of the Walking Dead series? If so who is your favorite character? Well yes and no. I like the series but, way, I mean way too many zombies bite the big one in the show.
I don't have any particular characters that I like since they are all living persons, how can I love a show when none of the zombies return in future episodes?

#7 You made a comeback in Celluloid Bloodbath, are you working on any upcoming projects? Did I mention that I'm working on a book, yes I did mention that earlier. I have a website www.happythezombie.com but I need to bring it up to date, but check it out, I do have a blog page on the site, but I post mainly on facebook.

 Addition to question #7 I'm also trying to do personal apperances, I was at the Oct. Chiller Con, I had a blast, I'd like to do more of those.

#8 Trailer compilations are all the rage right now. Synapse has the "42nd St." series and Alamo Drafthouse has released "Trailer War" Would you say that Mad Ron's PFH was way ahead of it's time? Well in a way it was, we had trailers that had never been seen before. Now these trailers are readily seen every where. We used the video THE BEST OF SEX AND VIOLENCE as a template, well actually producer Jim Murray said that. I know , I know the humor does not hold up now, come to think of it, it didn't hold up to well then either. I had no say in the script, I only did what I was told, when you are out numbered by the living, you don't make waves. Realistically, we were learning as we worked on it. I don't have a time machine to go back and fix the damn thing. I think it was wonderful of the trailer that you made with the laff track and cricket sounds, every time I watch it, I crack up, we should have done that originally, then EVERY ONE would love the whole video!

#9 In Mad Ron's PFH we learned that your weenie is missing, Did you ever find it? No, I said the end of my weenie was missing, Nick wrote that line and it was taken right from our stand up comedy act, yes we worked at comedy clubs doing "live shows", we still do once in a while.

#10 Please share your fondest memory of making Mad Ron's PFH or any funny stories during the shoot. Well I was actually kind of scared because, there I was, a zombie among the living. I had to play "dummy" I pretented to be a puppet, of course Nick was in on it. I can't think of any thing special, when I was not being filmed I was in a suit case. The only thing that I remember was that Nick kept forgetting his lines and messing up. We did have some sound recording problems, If you have seen the video, then you know what I'm talking about, so we had to dub voices here and there. Also I had to wear a green mask for the shoot, the producers thought that I was not scary enough!!! This greenface that I have has been my trademark look for the past few decades, but it's not my real face. See my website for the truth.

The Real Trailer

 The Theater of Guts' Tribute Trailer

Thank you Mr. Goldsplatt!

Interviewed by SkunkApe
Crankenstein's Full review of Man Ron's PFH here

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