Monday, April 29, 2013

Vice Squad

Vice Squad Directed By Gary Sherman starring Wings Hauser (1982).
   Vice Squad begins with one of the greatest Hollywood Blvd montages that's full of prime scuzzy footage injected with the fury of Wings Hauser's punked out fuzz song devoted to "Neon Slime"! that even if the rest of the flick is dull, it really gets you amped up! Sandy Howard (the Angel trilogy) and Gary Sherman (Dead & Buried and Raw Meat) are in charge of production, most of it was shot on location in dingy clubs. 
Princess of Miller Lite in the can
    Once known 80's relic or MTV VJ, Nina Blackwood does a pretty effective job of playing a gullible beaten and abused hooker named Ginger  and Season Hubley (who always plays a hooker in practically every film including Paul Schrader's Hardcore) is Princess, she supports her child financially by turning tricks in the city. In this film, all the male characters are either oversexed perverts, psychotic maniacs or grimy pimps, I find this honesty refreshing! 
Elvis taught me how to train my bitches
   Wings Hauser plays redneck hustler Ramrod, his scenes of torture and abuse against hooker Ginger (Blackwood) with a wire hanger are seriously uncomfortable and hard to watch, he eventually beats her to death.
   The cops are out patrolling everywhere, trying to crackdown on all the human garbage flooding the mean streets of LA. Two especially idiotic Vice cops (one in a members only jacket and the other in cornrows) are the protagonists of this sleazefest. There are a lot of stupid police in this movie.    
   Walsh (the members only jacketed cop) forces Princess to cut a deal and follow Ramrod, who gets his rocks off on slicing up girls. She strolls around different strip clubs, wears a wire and immediately runs into the clutches of this hillbilly cracker. At first it didn't make sense to me, that all these cops are targeting a maniacal pimp or care about a dead hooker, but that's the premise of Vice Squad and it does give them job security, since the streets are crawling with scumbags, it's all they deal with day in and day out! I first saw clips of this movie in Terror In The Aisles (it's not a horror movie obviously, but if you consider the rampant misogyny terrifying, now we're getting into some psychological monsters! Season always seems to play a hooker with a heart of gold and I like her acting style. According to IMDB, she channeled the rage of her custody battle with her ex- Kurt Russell and she gives a nice performance. I saw her on an 80's Twlight Zone which was very dull, but I thought it was nice that she finally didn't play a hooker!        


Ramrod visits all these underworld characters, mechanics with hacksaws, modern primitive gun salesmen and Rerun the Pimp. Fred Berry actually shows up in a small cameo and gets his balls cut off! Toward the end, Ramrod leaves so many dead hookers in a his wake and the cops keep messing up, that he's able to escape and get back to Princess and beat her down. The two dumbest police in the whole movie are these two latinos, who take two cowboy boots to the face! It all ends with a long car chase with Ramrod pinned against a car and wall, taking a bullet to the brain. I can't recommend this film highly enough and there's no real gore, but lots of uncomfortable sleaze.
Revenge is a dish best severed with a hacksaw


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