Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Killer Angels

Killer Angels (Sha shou tain shi) Directed by Tony Lui Jun-Guk. Starring Moon Lee. (1989).
The adorable and talented Moon Lee is someone I was completely oblivious to before this review. I had seen a couple of her films like Mr. Vampire and Zu Warriors of Magic Mountain, but until this film came along, I sadly was not aware of her impact on the "Girls With Guns" sub genre. She was in Angel (from 1987, not the "student by day, hooker by night" Time Square sleaze classic from 84). 
   The original Hong Kong Angel film staple from 1987 was highly regarded enough to merit a rip off (or unofficial sequels like Iron Angels,Midnight Angels, Angel Enforcers,Angel Force and even Angel Terminators)! It would take me at least a month to review all these other knock offs in the franchise. If you got a "hot girl holding a hot bullet penetrating metal" fetish, then let's kick this party into high gear with Killer Angels!
    If a broken Casio/NES soundtrack accompanying blasting squibs and quick moving car smash and grabs is your thing, than settle back, because Ultra Force 1 or tonight's flick delivers some high octane entertainment, this side of Full Contact!
   Jackie Chan (no not the famous one)! a dangerous criminal and member of the shadow gang is an important witness on the lam protected by the girls.  
   There are snore-fest martial arts scenes and there's there's the rad shit seen in this flick. Sparks fly, teeth are kicked in and clips are unloaded until empty then thrown on the ground in animosity. The Deep Red catalog described this as a Charlie's Angels copy and all the females are heartbreakers for sure. Sadly there's no shower scene or gratuitous nudity, so why should you watch? There's enough ass whomping and gunplay to keep those looking for an Asian Skin-A-Max flick glued to the T.V. screen.
I'm the Asian Palin/Lisa Ann
   For instance, there's a crazy Pat Benetar style musical number with awkward choreographed dancing in a cheesy nightclub.I like how she sings in Cantonese and then the clumsy "chopsocky dubbing" resumes. All of the Angels seem jealous of each other and when anyone tries to get fresh with them they go ball busting loose and fight hard. One of their methods of disposal is drugging each other's drinks when needed. One vicious girl, bites this dude's lip and threatens to cut his girlfriends tits off.

That table needs a busboy pronto!
 What I despised about Heroic Trio (no nudity and a dull story line), I scarfed down in this one, because its over the top fight staging is in league with Yes' Madam (another must see GWG's flick with Cynthia Rothrock) or Tiger Cage. 
Go Ahead Make my Dim Sum

  Michael the fingerless glove wearing boss comes off more like a pimp than an Eastern Charie's Angels Bosley type figure. He forces one of his girls to work in the Middle East to pay off a debt, but she ends up drugging the shady white businessman's drink and macing him.

Jesus loves you, but everyone else knows you're a pussy

   Amy (Yuen Hung), a lesbian character, who poses as a man to get information in the club, fights a gang with a mop. Her son was killed by Jackie Chan, the man the angels have to protect, but it turns out to be an accident. 
   Chico is a mobster who makes deals on a giant yuppie mobile phone and pets a cat like a typical cartoony nemesis (Inspector Gadget's Dr.Claw came to mind), he's the real culprit responsible for the murders.

Yes, I'd like to order a pizza topped with Fancy Feast

   There's a crazy machine-gun battle on motorcycles towards the end. Michael (Chia-Hui Liu), the Hong Kong version of Bosley is a cold blooded killer who according to him lives and dies by the gun (he mentions this a lot). He gets into a high speed car chase with the guy from Blue Jeans Monster, Fui-On Shing and always kills for business reasons.
   Androgynous Amy is a supreme bad ass and almost single handily eradicates Chico and his thugs, with just a few handguns and grenades! All the angels beat the living shit out of the criminals and take them down. It's alot of fun for a straight laced shoot em up action flick. Check it out!

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