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Bomb Disposal Officer: Baby Bomb

Bomb Disposal: Officer Baby Bomb (Chai dan zhuan jia bao bei zha dan), Starring Anthony Wong. Directed By Jamie Luk (1994).
During Easter, eager kids are in the aisles looking for chocolate, but instead find a ticking time bomb that neutralizes them and their parents in a hail or flames and carnage, Happy Easter! 
   Anthony "Mr. Ebola Syndrome" Wong is up to more wacky hijinks in this category II film. What's a category II film vs. a III, you say? This is the first time I've ever seen one and as far as I know there's elements of depravity, but mainly it means toned back violence and wacky comedy!
Wong in the rarely seen HK version of Pretty In Pink
   Wong has had an amazing career, taking roles as blood thirsty restaurant cannibal employees, wizards, gangsters, and now as a pathetic goofball (But thankfully his character is different from Officer Lazyboots in The Untold Story 2, one of his worst roles)! 
   His ability to fluctuate between extreme visceral horror to zany comedy is commendable. The goofiness is slightly irritating here, but I respect the man so much, that I'm willing to give it a chance. I prefer to see the offensive comedy in the case of Ebola, which is so repulsive that it makes it sort of tolerable.
the difference between Cat III and Cat II
   The bomb disposal suits the officers wear, reminded me of a life-sized version of Dig Dug. John Wu (Wong) and another officer practice cutting bra straps instead of the intricate wires on time bombs. He's this "Police Academy's" version of Guttenberg as he knocks over beer cans in a supermarket and loses big time in a bar game of Jenga.
Dig Dug Cosplay
A sexy girl in cutoffs (the adorable Esther Kwan) changes a tire and they objectify her and don't lift a finger to help. It's odd seeing Wong in this type of Jackie Chan buffoonery.
She's so fuggin adorable
   There's a retarded Bible study sing-a-long during a party where everyone hugs each other and the two officers are confused by the Christian bible. They get so bored by the prayer circle that they make up any excuse to bail.
   This is the kind of bomb squad that was nowhere near during the Boston bombing thankfully!
Christians sure can rock!
   They go back to the same bar as the Jenga contest and start up an orange squeezing contest, where the loser has to buy everyone in the house drinks.
   Their captain explodes after opening a suspicious envelope and they turn his full body cast into another opportunity for more tasteless jokes!
The riveting orange scene
   It turns out Mary (Kwan) is pregnant with someone's baby, but is sadly never seen having sex. Her pregnancy is where they got that cutesy title from. The music is excruciating and sounds like a keyboard playing wood win instruments!
The terrorist takes his sweet time in planting bombs, so the bad comedy can take over the film. 
The Chinese Anarchist's Cookbook
   At one point, Wong gets on TV venting his frustration over a women and child being pinned to a bombed out bus, he challenges the mad bomber and we finally get to see his lair. The fact that the terrorist has posters of Stallone and Tom Cruise with the faces cut out and is never explained! 
   The extremist starts to target the bomb cops friend Mary. There's a reason he kept out of sight for the entire film, he's a tiny chimp like creep in a nurse out fit and as soon as he threatens the boys, they immediately kill him! At least they are good for something!
   I can't recommend this film, its watchable only for Anthony Wong completists like all of us here at TOG and it's required viewing since its in the Deep Red catalog (man I feel like I'm ending alot of reviews that way). If you're not obligated to watch this, check out something better like Underground Banker or Love To Kill, two films with "Mr. Ebola" in top form!   

Kinda Lame, only watch it if you have nothing better to do!

Beditp beditp That's all folks

get this fellow to John Wayne Bobbit's plastic surgeon, on second thought give him a gun!

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