Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster

Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster Directed By Robert Gaffney. Starring James Karen (1965)
This review is a special request from COUNT FINK of garage band straight from the Jerk Stork: The Flakes, and The Countbackwurds
   The first time I saw a clip of this schlocky film was on SNL's version of MST3K  "It Came From Hollywood". All I could think of when I saw the martian next to an attractive space queen (Marilyn Hanold) was, "Hey that alien looks like Jon Lovitz in white make up and Spock ears"! But it's actually Amazing Larry from Pee Wees Big Adventure and The Proctologist from the "Ass Man" Seinfeld episode Lou Cutell
Lou "The Assman" Cutell
   A missile is launched on earth and the aliens view it as a hostile threat so they use "Maximum Energy". The rocket effects consist of stock footage and the looming shadow of a fat nerdy silhouette (see picture above). Peter Gunn-esque music rings out as generals and gov. agents hit the highways toward Nasa headquarters (why they are all piled in the backseat, I have no idea)!
   Broken android Frank Saunders (Robert Reilly) goes haywire at a press conference. James Karen (Return Of The Living Dead, Pathmark Commercials) plays Dr. Steel, one of the robot mechanics/surgeons. The Poets song "That's The Way It's Got To Be" a freakbeat garage number is played over space capsule stock footage and later during a pool party. Garage nerds check this part out, it was a nice surprise! 
Some body take the Goblin mask off that gorilla! 
   Crispin Glover's dad shows up as one of the martian henchmen  There's a giant monster named Mull that looks like a gorilla in a rubber demon mask with dangling, flailing arms. The Space Princess and Dr. Nadir left their home planet because their atmosphere was poisoned by radiation in an Atomic War. They came to Earth for breeding stock to repopulate their home planet. Meanwhile Frankenstein (who in this case looks like Batman villain Two Face in a space suit) is on the loose terrorizing citizens. He's the creation of the robot surgeons and they attempt to track him down.
Anybody got industrial strength Clearacil?
   Dr. Nadir and the princess start their own pervy bikini inspection, once the martian henchmen round up all the hot chicks on the beach!
   It's all purely scientific of course for the benefit of the human race, not to populate the Alien Sex Slave Ranch (or intergalactic pimp palace)!
We're getting impatient and horny!
   There's a little scooter detour montage around the city set to sickeningly pleasant song by The Distant Cousins to fill time with Dr. Steel and his co-worker Karen. The aliens invade the pool party looking for prime specimen's to mate with (for more mutant sex with human women see Humanoids From The Deep for the filthy version)!
   Karen gets captured and put in a cage next to Mull the Space Monster and when the top general is sent the message he says "It's probably Castro"! 
   They must have raided an estate sale for military stock footage, because it takes over the last twenty minutes.We get the guaranteed Monster V. Monster fight, but it comes off like a bitchy slapfest! Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster is an insanely fun little cult gem that deserves more attention!  
Check it out! 
If the UFO is rockin don't come knockin!



  1. Oh man! Saw this one at the drive-in when it was new and I was 10...great fun!

  2. Yeah eventually (fingers crossed) Countfink will contribute a review for The Flesheaters. Space Monster is worth revisiting.


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