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Point Counterpoint Review: Night Of The Demon

 Night Of The Demon Directed By James C. Wasson starring Michael Cutt (1980) Tonight on TOG we're gonna try something slightly different, a critic battle or point counterpoint. Each critic will weight in on what they like or dislike about the selected film; two critics enter, everybody loses!

A bigfoot that tears off dicks, appendages and rapes human women? Sign me up I once said, that is until I sat down and watched this snoozefest!
Skunkape: Certainly the right attitude to have based on the accurate description, however, slighty boring while waiting for the action. This movie may not have what it takes to be a "best" worst movie but the stupid characters can be more than entertaining with their god awful dialogue between each bigfoot killing.
Crankenstein:It's like a nyquil bomb covered in ape hair with stupid characters, blood clots that trickle along in slo-mo and the film even wants to re-define what a sasqatch is, it's a fucking Bigfoot not in any way shape or form a demon! Let me outta here! 
Skunkape: I love the slow motion! Normally I can't stand it, for example at the end of They Call Her One Eye. It brings the climax of the film's excitement to a screeching halt  But in this film, when the keyboards of doom start to fade in with some growling noises you catch all the ridiculous facial expressions of the actors and the death scenes become funny. Just wait till you see Mr. Foot bang two girl scouts together Three Stooges style all in glorious slow-mo. They picked the wrong forest to sell cookies
Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck, gimme some Samoas!
 I'll Smash you Girl Scouts into "brownies"!

Crankenstein:The second time I watched it I was appropriately drunk and found it funnier that way, like certain bands or movies you should only go in heavily medicated before attempting that journey. There have been better "beast mating with women" films that have destroyed this one, like The Beast Within and Humanoids From The Deep. This one should rot in the same vault as other forgotten big foot bestiality epics (if other one's exist!!)
Skunkape: Ok so the Bigfoot rape could have been better, but Bigfoot love is still something you don't see everyday. It wasn't about Bigfoot just getting his rocks off in that scene,he genuinely wanted to be a dad and almost succeed. He loved Crazy Wanda(actually he loved normal Wanda but after he raped her she became known as Crazy Wanda) and if her father didn't kill the hairy little critter maybe he wouldn't be so pissed off. Yes drinking is recommended but have some redbull and vodka and don't watch to late and you'll be fine.
 Crankenstein: Highpoints for me were that sexy babe with the pointy nipples, the disembowelment toward the end and of course the biker getting his dick pulled off while urinating! Another monkey turd that doesn't deserve all the attention it got from the Video Nasty list.

"You can't piss on hospitality or Bigfoot!"

"Wipe your big feet on the mat before coming in the RV."

Skunkape: (My highest point is the sleeping bag death, watch as a poor bastard gets swung around in a circle in sleeping bag vision you get the POV shot of bigfoot holding the bag and he throws him right into some dead wood were the victim gets impaled on a branch. Ouch! Watching a biker pee, and seeing his wee is nasty even before it gets ripped off so keep it on the video nasty list but find a copy and indulge in the stupity because its a hoot.
 Crankenstein: I think if I watch something enough it grows on me, but in this case it just falls out of my brain like so many other forgettable junk. I understand why You enjoy it, but I can't help but despise this movie, its incredibly dark (almost entire shots don't register on the screen) and the acting and tension is non existent! I like Harry & The Hendersons a hundred times more than this flop! 
Skunkape, Blow it out your ass, you old stick in the mud!

Skunkape says "CHECK IT OUT"
"Cookin up some fried lips."

To much Botox

"You fertile baby?"

Night Of The Demon, not a Sid & Marty Kroft Production

Does the Bigfoot match the drapes?

Some crazy flowers for crazy Wanda.

Theater of Guts
Tribute Trailer


  1. sounds like big foot's cousin high on testosterone with shifty eyes peaking through a bush in the trees...

  2. It's original, I'll give it that, see The Beast Within instead!


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