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Forbidden World

Forbidden World (Mutant, Subject 20) Directed By Allan Holzman. Starring Fox Harris (1982).
I know what you're thinking, how can a movie that recycles those rinky dink sets built by the future director of "Dances With Smurfs" James Cameron, for other Roger Corman space ripoffs like Battle Beyond The Stars and Galaxy Of Terror be any good at all? For one thing it's bursting (pun intended) with character actors like "Spinal Tap's Yoko", the sultry June Chadwick, Fox Harris the mentally disturbed driver of the Chevy Malibu with melted aliens in the trunk from Repo Man and many more.
   In the Deep Red Horror Handbook the reviewer said they liked it better than Alien, so there! I wouldn't go that far, but there's something very appealing about this Xenophobic gore fest (years later an Alien inspired arcade game that reminded me of this flick would arrive in the malls of 1987 and make an impression on this reviewer).
Xenophobe! the H.R. Giger inspired arcade game
    Forbidden World should not be confused with its earlier B-List celebrity vehicle counterpart, Galaxy Of Terror because unlike G.O.T., the alien never at any point whips out his genitals and accidentally invents a new fetish: rape tentacle porn! 
   Fox Harris has liver cancer and injects himself with a serum that later evolves into one of the most creative and jaw dropping weapons in cinema. In the grand finally Jessie Vint slices Harris open, while he's still conscious and literally feeds the beast his carcinogenic organ! Harris' incessant coughing, disheveled combover and thick glasses reminded me of Neil Hamburger.
The laughs are on me, COUGH, COUGH!

   The menacing alien looks like a milkdud with vampire fangs and the whole film has that Heavy Metal Magazine quality or horny sci-fi hokiness. Mike Colby (Vint) wakes up from space hibernation in the midst of a lazer battle, only to find his work has only just begun as he is blasted forth into the farther reaches of the galaxy by his robot co-worker SAM.
Feed Me your entrails Seymour!
   They have their work cut out for them as they enter a room full of slaughtered animals (that are the real deal, according to IMDB, they bought dead corpses from a pet hospital). They meet a team of genetic scientists along with the fanatical Cal Timbergen (Harris). Him prattling on and on about how the slimy creature (called subject 20) is a perfect specimen, reminds me of Ian Holm in the original Ridley Scott classic. This film took the aspect of a scientist's excessive admiration for an advanced life form and magnified it for Fox Harris to chew on (he's not an android though, just a creep)! It seems that the alien in actuality is less H.R. Giger and more a mutation they developed in the lab that went apeshit! On the surface though, this is clearly an Alien ripoff.
   While the crew is having dinner, which consists of the typical horrible looking spongy space food; Jimmy (Valley Girl's jocky jerkface and Tarantino bit part actor, Michael Bowen) is attacked by a face hugger and killed.
   There is alot of pathos going on that I never got from any other the Alien thefts, the light up yo-yo scene with Scott Paulin staring at the video monitor in a sexually frustrated way as Mike Colby (Vint) and Barbara get it on, is seething with ultra rejection and space loneliness. The synth score makes it more hilarious.
   This might be the only time I thought, Thank God they brought in Jim Wynorski to cheapen up the script, I'm pretty sure he's the reason there's so much gratuitous nudity!
These Yellow microdots are marvelous for tension
   Dawn Dunlap (who later vanished into obscurity) gets naked in a sauna and also sleeps with Mike, I mean this spaceman gets so much Tang!
   Dunlop screams alot as part of her acting performance and is pretty wooden. The mutant moves to different locations around the ship and at one point in the desert. Corman cut out alot of the goofiness in the director's cut Mutant (which is a more appropriate title, since they hardly leave the space ship to go to any Forbidden World). If you like sleaze with your sci-fi (and who doesn't)? Check this film out, which is currently streaming on Netflix in sadly an inferior quality format. Shout Factory did a wonderful job of restoring this on a DVD worth purchasing, using some catchy artwork-- the cover looks to me like a cross between Atari's Centipede and Krull.
You've seen too much

Mike Colby gets more ass than a zero gravity toilet

Oh good, our vaseline smothered pork loin is ready!

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