Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Untold Story 2

The Untold Story 2(Ren Rou Shao Bao II: Tian Shu Di Mie) Directed By Yiu-Kuen Ng 1998 
   Sometimes I like to use Theater Of Guts as a public service message for those that wonder if a rare film is worth seeking out or just total junk! I watch these so you don't have to! 
   BunMan 2 (or what should have been called Bun Lady) is a watered down, completely unrelated sequel to the superior Bunman 1, I almost don't want to waste my time in reviewing it, but for the concern I have for you dear readers and the respect and admiration for Anthony Wong's illustrious career, I gotta bite the bullet and spread the word, Bunman 2 sucks! Don't waste your time, the reason I thought it possibly might have been good is because the crummy information on the internet (IMDB and Wiki, everyone's two favorite sources) have the description wrong, I doubt the person that wrote it even watched this film!

This character sadly not appearing in Untold Story 2
   Ok so here we go! Fung, a plain looking restaurant worker played by Alien Sun (Ichi The Killer) is the psychotic mainlander who everyone is suspicious of with good reason, cause her hobbies include dousing women in paint, while in a bathroom stall and lighting them on fire then chopping up human meat. Cheung (played by Emotion Cheung) is another restaurant worker who gets suckered by Fung's charms. His wife is horny all the time, but he can't get it up and she humiliates him, calling him worthless trash. Cheung's wife is also constantly cheating on him behind his back. Fung captivates him and sort of brings him into her sexually sadistic world, which helps him out in the pants department. Sadly, the only weird aspect of this "Untold Story" is how many actors with quirky names are in it! 
   Anthony Wong with red highlights is Officer Lazyboots (really, that's his fucking stupid name)!! He's like an Asian Frank Drebin and keeps a wicker chicken coop in his office. The  DVD cover is total bullshit, it looks like Wong is teaching a new recruit the trade secrets of contaminated restaurant cuisine (why didn't they take that approach)? It's almost like Anthony Wong took a gander at the script and was like "I hate playing the deranged maniac all the time"! Gimme that character with the most retarded name possible, I'm thinking about branching out into comedy! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baba Booey Baba Booey
   In Underground Banker, Wong did a stellar job of playing a nerdy square that eventually crossed over into the dark side (with the guiding hand of Dr. Lamb; use as directed)! But in this flick, his Orange highlights and dinner side manner of sitting directly next to different dudes, makes him come off alittle gay (which is unintentional here, I mean that may have helped out this heaping bowl of rotten Ramen).
I can't get a boner
   Eventually Fung murders her new boyfriend's wife for him, turns her into BBQ'd ribs and serves them to all the customers. Cheung is one of the most spineless characters in recent memory and is constantly getting bossed around by manipulative women (his ex-wife and his new girlfriend). There's a triad who hangs out in the joint that wears various multicolored leather jackets and has horse "baba booey" lips, teeth and stache! 
   Don't subject yourself to "BunLady", you will most likely regret it, this film doesn't deserve the moniker of Cat III rating, it's way too soft. Human Sausages was basically a hardcore porn seasoned with gruesome carnage, but that one looks like Ebola Syndrome compared to this deflated effort.
   Even if I see 20 shitty Anthony Wong flicks, it will never faze my respect for this actor, he bounces back all the time and can no wrong in my book!
Watch A Re-run of King Of Queens of any other sitcom instead

Gimme the McRib please

Yum, a Szechuen cannibal feast!


  1. I've never heard of this one. Based on your review, I won't be checking this out haha. Good write-up though! I love when people talk about films I haven't seen before.

  2. The first one is great though, definitely check it out and any other Anthony Wong flicks


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