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Hard Sensation

Hard Sensation (1980) is the first of three films directed by Joe D' Amato in what we're calling The "Islands of Erotic Mayhem" trilogy. After this film D' Amato directed Sexy Nights of the Living Dead and Porno Holocaust. The "trilogy" features tropical locations, Italian porn star Mark Shannon, George Eastman, and the lovely Lucia Ramirez (Laura Gemser Jr. according to Crankenstein).
"Hi, Miss Gemser couldn't make it."

Ramirez is definitely a mystery, she has no additional acting credits on her IMDB resume aside from doing a few films with D' Amato. Yet, somehow she agreed to participate in this hardcore island intercourse madness. The "trilogy" was shot on location in the Dominican Republic so I have a theory that she may have been a local theater actor(a naive one) looking to make a quick buck and after D' Amato told her that his name was Steven Spielberg she immediately signed on the dotted line. Spielberg he's not but he did eventually co direct a  Jaws knockoff in 1990, Deep Blood!

"We're so rich! we paid 1,000s for this juice, it's imported from Cat Island."

Corinne (Dirce Fumari) is supposed to take a vacation with her extremely rich parents for the summer in Paris but when business gets in the way they make alternative plans for her.
Luckily her parents have just bought their own island with a villa included. So they hire Miss Perez (Lucia Ramirez), Corrine's former teacher to chaperon her and a bunch of her gal pals on the island . They arrange for all her friends to travel there by boat along with two body guards. They're to leave the following morning but not after a full evening of each girl masturbating to Playgirl.
"I wish I had my other issue featuring Peter Steele!"

 Once they arrive the girls complain about being bored, with nothing to do but lay around topless all day. At least the bodyguards get some nice eye candy. One of the girls actually says, "This trip is as boring as nail polish." whatever the hell that means???

Meanwhile three convicts are on the loose and you'll never guess where they're hiding out? THE VERY SAME ISLAND! The three bad boys are known as Bobo (the horny one), Clyde (the sensitive one), and the third is a nameless homosexual only referred to as "the faggot". The three do not get along very well at all. Bobo wants to rape the ladies and have a good time. After killing one of the bodyguards Bobo actually encourages "the faggot" to rape the other remaining guy. "The Faggot" seems to hate Clyde but likes Bobo despite the fact that he taunts and bullies him every chance he gets. Clyde wants to help the girls and explains that he's not an animal like the other two of his so called buddies. Clyde presents the idea of having the girls' rich parents pay a ransom but on the condition that they must not be injured or touched in anyway to insure payment and safe passage.

Nice Coconuts!

Clyde and Bobo

"the Faggot"

"This is Rubber Duck, looks like we got a Convoy."

The bodyguards are dead and the radio is broken. Can these college girls and their teacher outsmart a convict named Bobo? Lets hope they took a course in logic, then they should have no problem!

"Who's up for a Filthy Sanchez?"

The film lacks tension between the convicts and the schoolgirls. But the brief scenes of hardcore(mostly BJs) and the ridiculous dubbed dialogue still make this a fun entry in the sexploitation genre!
Missing for sure is wacky music like Nico Fidenco's over the top score featured in Porno Holocaust. Even Marcello Giombini's crazy organ theme did wonders in Sexy Nights of the Living Dead. Composer Alessandro Allessandroni (Lady Frankenstein, Women's Camp 117) score isn't horrible but could have been better.

6/10 on the CULT-O-METER
One of the better Joe D' Amato aka Aristide Massaccesi sex films which remains a hidden gem.

Theater of Guts
Tribute Trailer

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