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Mystics In Bali

Mystics In Bali (Leak) Directed By H. Tjut Dajalil

Starring IIona Agathe Bastian, Yos Santo, Sofia WD

Review by "Machine Gun" Kristin

"Mystics In Bali" starts off with a "Mondo Cane" esque horrific opening credit sequence of costumed black magic dwellers dancing around like crazy. I'm already scared within the first two minutes of such nightmare inducing imagery. 

Then, American citizen, Cathy (Ilona Agathe Bastian) is on a research assignment for an Indonesian Leák black magic book she's writing. She's accompanied by her guide,  mustached Mahendra (Yos Santo) dressed in a Notre Dame college t-shirt which subtly (haha) explains how he knows English. I remember in the "Mr. Sparkle" episode of "The Simpsons" they used a similar device. When Homer calls Japan he's connected to the only English speaking worker (voiced by Gedde Watanabe) wearing a "Champions Of Winning Suberb!" t-shirt. 
An unknown friend of Mahendra's somehow arranges a meeting with the evil powerful Queen of Leák (the late Sofia WD) in the middle of the woods. She loudly cackles constantly and sometimes grunts like Yoda. ("mmmm"). I wondered with this movie being overdubbed, what the original voice of the Queen sounded like. Unfortunately, Cathy is so obsessed with her book research, she dubiously agrees into serving the Queen by vicious methods disguised as lessons. The Queen casts a spell and gives Cathy a scribbly tattoo on her thigh. 
Meanwhile, Mahendra and Cathy are being followed by a mysterious girl who may or may not be involved in the Leák. After turd-like hair clip wearing Kathy goes alone to meet the Queen the third time, this movie takes an insane turn! We see these great, hideous transformations of Cathy turning into a giant breasted pig and later a mouse munching snake. These scenes are filmed in such a clever and effective way, with flashes of light and dark between the character's physical changes.
Even worse, (unknowingly) Kathy's fanged head (and attached organs) is summoned to devour an unborn baby for its young blood. This blood is reversing the Queen's age and increasing her magic powers. Towards the end, there's lots of great fighting scenes with crazy cartoon bolts and swirls of animated color. I couldn't help but giggle at the battle between the Queen and Mahendra's Great Uncle since he kinda looked like "Kids In The Hall"s Paul Bellini. The music score is pretty eerie as well, with booming percussion and early 80s synthesizer. This is a really crazy movie. 
Turd-onion ring hair clip
This movie's been all around the world! 

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