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Love To Kill

Love To Kill (Yeuk Ji luen) Directed By Siu-hung Chung and Kirk Wong. Starring Elizabeth Lee (1993)
Unpleasantly repugnant, vicious, demoralizing and vomit inducing are some ways to describe the cinematic career of TOG favorite Anthony Wong. There's just no substitute for depravity beyond comprehension when it comes to this talented actor. Love To Kill is another stellar foray into extreme debauchery, where else but in a Category III flick can you witness a beer bottle used to penetrate an orifice, while the fizzy liquid swashes to and fro ending in a malt soaked facial. Nowhere else and I'm sure this is a fetish I'm completely oblivious to thank God!
I said Bud Lite, not shove a beer up my cooch!
   Love To Kill is excruciatingly hateful towards poor Jade (Elizabeth Lee, a former Miss Hong Kong from 1987), who accepts her husband's abuse because she fears him and eventually, once she regains her self esteem, she fights back hard! This one delivers in the vengeance department, that I only wish Linda Blair carried out further toward the cheap ending of Savage Streets.
   Wong plays Sam, a controlling, abusive husband who defiles his wife Jade constantly, whether she likes it or not. Within the first five minutes he rapes her with a beer bottle, shoves an apple in her mouth and wraps a plastic bag over her face! All the while he chugs beer and seems to relish every second! Out in the rainy streets, Jade narrowly escapes, as Wong continues to beat her until a friendly policeman tries to help. The cop played by Danny Lee, wearing a Magnum P.I. style Hawaiian shirt plays the ludicrously named Fire Ball Hung! The film taps into the cycle of abuse that effects the manipulator, the victim and their child.It also has the typical bungling police from most Cat III flicks that mangle the justice system and make Wong seem above the law.
I learned my wife beating technique from the late Ike Turner
Ball Hung tries to protect Jade and her son, acting as a surrogate father, which really pisses off his skanky girlfriend. Sam (Wong) is psychotic and finds his way back in, convincing her that she's his property and repeatedly tries to drown her in the bathtub. Jade finally gets fed up with Sam's bullshit, waiting for the moment to break from this caustic relationship and runaway with Ball Hung, who it turns out has the hots for her. The climax is pretty brutal and Sam richly deserves the punishment he receives, Love To Kill spares no mercy for repugnantly domineering husbands! 
   I recently discovered that Anthony Wong periodically sings in different bands (I hate to say it, but they're pretty tame considering his film work). Whenever I look up his career, I find it funny that they like to mention how his exploitive films were made only to support him financially, I totally don't buy into that at all, especially when you consider how much fun Wong is obviously having in these roles! Just own it, no back peddling, because exploitation films are already highly regarded with snobby art-house crowds, getting Criterion style re-releases. 
  So by now we've reviewed Run & Kill (which had a Surfin Bird lovin fat guy), Red To Kill (which had a hot-tard) and Love To Kill, a completely unrelated trilogy, which sound like they are connected, but aren't, just put any word in front of Kill and it equals box office success. Check them all out! 
Highly Recommended!
If only she didn't fart on my banana

Chinese Tom Selleck?

You've reached the law offices of Saul Goodman and Wong


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