Friday, July 26, 2013

Hot Bubblegum

HotBubble Gum (Lemon Popsicle 3) Directed By Boaz Davidson. Starring Zachi Noy.
When I first saw Hot Bubblegum on the IMPACT channel OnDemand, I was completely flabbergasted! What the fuck was I watching? An Israeli Porky's, a perverted American Graffiti? I immediately alerted Skunkape and sent him a dubbed copy (this was before the Youtube floodgates of instant streaming had taken effect)! Impact is a haven for TOG readers, they have tons of trashy movies, some not available on DVD. 
   This is actually the 3rd film in a series of sex comedies called Lemon Popsicle and it's the most vile.The characters behave like horny frat kids with constant angry boners. Everytime Huey (Zachi Noy), the lard-ass kid with a pompadour opens his foul mouth, the most rotten filth spews out. He sees a bunch of naked girls through a peep hole in a shower and says "Cunt City"! Then after getting buried up to his neck in the sand (later sort of copied in One Crazy Summer), a naked boy pees directly into his mouth! 
I said lemon popsicle not lemon pee-pipsicle
   Who's behind this series? The most wretched pedophiliac with enough money to pay for license copyrighted songs by the likes of Richie Valens, Elvis, Bill Haley and tons of other 50's rock and roll? No it's Boaz Davidson and The Cannon Film Group, of course who else! So come along on some of the most lurid adventures of Tel Aviv/ West German kids in the 50's.
   Benji, Huey, and Bobby/Momo get into wacky good times like; drugging girls at parties, riding around on bikes and literally eating lemon popsicles! 
   Warning this movie will force you to hate La Bamba! They seriously play it too death! Anytime Huey gets smacked around they play it over and over incessantly! It's like his beatdown theme song. 
   The dubbing is hysterical and often sounds like over exaggerated cartoons spouting x-rated language. Benji's parents sound like they are in a Jackie Mason impersonation contest. All the soundtracks are top notch oldies rocknroll and I'd imagine people who bought the tapes wondered what Lemon Popsicle was.
   Benji (Yftach Katzur) is wrapped up in a tryst with his ex Nikki (and his current girlfriend and he's sleeping with both of them). His current girlfriend Doris is bullied into having sex and he constantly berates her when she tries to take it slow. During a shower scene with Nikki, Steve Martin from Planes Trains & Automobiles favorite song "Three Coins in A Fountain" is heard. 
   Benji's super hot blonde cousin shows up and all of his friends end up having sex with her, but Huey gets stuck in her vagina! He says "Hey I thought this only happens to dogs"! It all ends on a hateful note as Benji threatens to punch Nikki in the face and the slut replaces him with a look-a-like. 
just out humpin on bikes
Lemon Popsicle: The Viagra Years 
   This film is responsible for all of the most raunchy 80's sex comedies and in my mind its the most pervy of all. American Pie, Losin It!, The Wanderers,Porky's, Jocks, the list is seriously endless and so many sex teen comedies are in debt to this one!  Davidson later remade the first film as The Last American Virgin and still works as a successful executive producer.The Lemon Popsicle gang continued on into sequels and I can attest that they got more painful as they went on, just watch Private Popsicle if you need further proof!  Huey showed up a few years later as a villain in Enter The Ninja in an all white suit with a hook hand! Highly Recommended!
There's also an obsessive site here (they even have fan fiction!)  
I change my mind, these urine flavored popsicles are delightful



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    1. I luv these movies. I don't remember "Cunt City". hahaha. That would be a good parody of Jan & Dean's "Surf City". "Here We Cum..". haha eewww


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