Monday, December 29, 2014

Crankenstein's Best Of The Year

Since we started this blog way back in 2012, I realized that I've never done a "best of" for the year. It was mainly because I was concentrating on tackling everything related to the world of Deep Red and basically forgot about it. In this day and age of instant gratification and amnesia I buried the blog with more info than the average attention span could keep up with. So let's look back and reflect on some of my most favorite moments on the site, think of this as the Denny's sampler platter of ToG, a deep fried selection of some of the most unhealthy, brain melting, artery clogging flicks in the VHS bootleg catalog. Here are some of my favorites from last year and a a few choice cuts from before since we've never done a "Best Of". This is by no means a definitive list, so sit back and enjoy some of my favorites over the years. Thanks to all my hard working contributors and thanks for reading, more flicks to come next year. Click on each link to read the posts.

10. BrainWash 
This is one of the greatest films about corporate training seminars.

9. The Beast In Heat 
This Video Nasty was extremely unpleasant to watch but there was enough chuckles in this review for me to remember it fondly, I mean what's more hilarious then a mongoloid Ernest Borgnine chowing down on pubes?

8. Emanuelle In America
One of Skunkape's finest moments (of many, I'm probably his number one fan). I just couldn't do this site without his help and encouragement! Don't forget to check out the parody trailer, which is genius in my mind.

7.  The Rape After
This is one of the most harrowing, depressing Cat III films I've sat through with my jaw on the floor. It was also incredible and so fucked up that I had a blast watching it! (is there something wrong with me? Nah!)

6.  Mosquito The Rapist 
This one by Goat Scrote is another I've enjoyed re-reading. The film really got under his skin and caused me to bust out laughing! Neither I or Skunkape could've done it this amount of justice, I'm such an admirer of Goat's style of writing which I consider to be nothing short of amazing and I consider myself lucky to have him as a contributor.

5. Interview With Buddy Giovinazzo
Skunkape and I went totally ballistic when we got the chance to speak to Buddy G. over a three way call on Skype. Buddy lives in Berlin so we both had to get up super early to catch him at the right time and we were both sort of pissed off when this Youtube video didn't get that much attention. So to drum up alittle more publicity for it, I'm putting it on the countdown to remind people about this film makers genius work. We both saw "No Way Home" together when it came to an independent theater in Florida and were ravenous fans of Combat Shock and Circus 200's music (which we were fortunate to have rare mp3 files of, not available anywhere). So give it another look and if you like it  please tell others.

4. Kris Gilpin's interview with Frank Doubleday
 I feel honored that Mr. Gilpin has elected me as his transcriber and graciously sent me his rare articles and reviews. His fictional work under the nom de plume Eliot P. Ness is legendary. Just check out Gilpin's interview with the reclusive early John Carpenter star for yourself to see what I mean.

3. Mad Foxes
The first time I saw this repulsive oddball biker flick at a time when Skunkape and I were giving each other movie challenges thru Netflix (non instant when they actually bought weird Dvds that eventually wiped out mom and pop video stores and made everything worse). I couldn't believe some of the images I witnessed in that film, so fucking insane! A real piece of comedy gold for jaded weirdos only!

2. Fight For Your Life
This film is so gawd awful and has the power to eat through your subconscious like mind draino. Babies are held at gunpoint, little kids are smashed with rocks and the air is thick with racism. It wants you to scream at your TV in agony about how many chances the black family being held hostage has to escape but decides to turn the other cheek, arghhhhh I'm furious just thinking about it! Graham Rae did a stellar job reviewing this, I convinced him to under take it and then he got me to write John Waters in an attempt to see if he'd do commentary (I'm not even sure why we came up with that idea, but I did manage to get a signed postcard by one of my all time favorite directors, so it was worth it! Thanks again Graham and I hope you'll contribute another review soon.

1. Dangerous Encounters Of The 1st Kind
I have no idea how this wound up number 1 but I always go back to it from time to time. It really affected me, even though I've seen better films by Tsui Hark the subtext of using animal cruelty to send a message it just wrong and is a reoccurring thorn in my side about exploitation films in general, so I think it's important for gore fans to know that ToG doesn't celebrate this type of cheap shot, I tend to condemn film makers who take this shock route. The film is ahead of its time with its message that the youth continues to be a scapegoat for the previous generations flaws and no one is held accountable.
My intent was to not bombard you with more information but to encourage readers to go back and revisit what we've put out before and we hope you appreciate the effort and revisit. In a few days we'll return to our regularly scheduled posts.

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