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SS Hellcamp (The Beast in Heat)

SS Hellcamp (The Beast in Heat, Horrifying experiments of the SS Last Days) Directed By Luigi Batzella, starring Macha Magall (1977).

An ominous pink swastika is the backdrop for the credit sequence as the hairy mongoloid (or drooling sex baboon) of this unpleasant and dull Nazisploitation film gets an injection. Aryan women and shock troopers with "God on their side" and rapidly shifting audio dubbing are busy conducting biological monstrosities. 
   Salvatore Baccarro (otherwise known as Sal Boris or Boris Lugosi) is Italian cinema's go to gorilla, he was discovered outside the famed Cinecitta studio working as a florist, when some genius found him an agent and put him in the movies. He's appeared in spaghetti westerns, worked with Argento on Deep Red, D'Amato on Emanuelle in America, Cozzi on Star Crash, Tinto Brass on Salon Kitty and showed up in Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks! Sal had Acromegaly, the same disorder as Richard Kiel and Rondo Hatton. Not bad for a man with the features of a deformed hulking Ernest Borgnine on steroids and he gets to play the horny beast in question!

Manga Manga Ona Duh Pubes

    In this film, there are chambers full of tortured beavers, tormented balls, vats of drowning men and one scene, so ghastly that it registered as a TOG first! This scene shows pubic hair being chewed off in bloody clumps and swallowed by the King Kong man. One character is dubbed by what sounds like Baron Von Butcher, the chimp with the monocle from Lancelot Link! Jeez! There's more ape references in this review than a Pierre Boulle novel!

You sound like a monkey and you smell like one too

   Besides that mind boggling surprise, it's basically sandwiched in by dull renegade characters running around and bombing bridges. In all of these Naziploits, it's not fair that all the torture subjects are given no depth or character development and the SS come off more interesting. Most of the women in this are unusually attractive, but you can't enjoy their bodies, because they are either screwed to death (while the beast continues to pump away) or have their finger nails torn out (I like how one actress who has Gilda Radner's Roseanne Roseannadana hair says "Ouch that hurts" like she mildly stubbed her toe)!  

   Macha Magall does a shitty ilsa impression as Dr. Kratch (or Crotch) the leader of an experimental torture lab. She looks less like the glamazonian Dyanne Thorne and more like a tarted up Emily Watson or Mary Lynn Rajskub. Her plan to create a master race sex machine makes no sense at all, it only benefits the monsters libido!
   The super beast depiction is straight out a racist lurid pulp magazine drawn by the likes of Norm Eastman or Mort Kunstler. So if you go by 50's men's magazine logic then yes it's the Third Reich's plan to control our women by unleashing a cavalcade of sex starved monsters!

Put down the hacksaw, Nazi John Landis!

   All kinds of babes are thrown to her prize caveman and basically raped and torn to pieces--it's all handled in such an inept way that it destroys all the hideousness and makes it laughable! The menacing rats chewing on female entrails look more like confused guinea pigs painted black.
   There's a Howard Moon looking guy named Drago and a hippie priest who are supposed to be the heroes, they have zero presence and run around in day for night locations doing who knows what?
   I came in expecting to be offended and though I was not all together bored, the film is pretty tasteless.

If you got this Mighty Boosh reference give yourself a pat on the back!

   Some of the atrocities are on the level of Mad Foxes only not as enjoyable! After a baby is hurled in the air and machine gunned ( it was clearly a doll) and a woman is raped, she is shot point blank in the baby maker! At one point there's a shadow of the entire film crew moving on a dolly track, beat that boom mic that slipped down by accident!
   This one, in my mind, deserves to be on the infamous Video Nasty List and 77 was the year for Nazispolitation! I could image some goosesteppin' shit head had a white power party during the video age and rented the same tape twelve times, thinking they were watching different movies! I hate this subgenre and find it beneath contempt, but I felt that the blog needed a little sickness and depravity to lower the bar. Maybe I thought we were getting too classy!

Gosh we do like to have fun, us Nazi's aren't all jackboots and genital mutilation!

    There are so many in that time period and it all started with The Night Porter in 1974, the very first Nazi sex fantasy art house crowd pleaser (which has a Criterion release). Lee Frost and producer Bob Kreese's were inspired enough to go further with Love Camp 7, which launched Ilsa She Wolf of the SS and the rest is history. This subgenre is off the charts offensive and sleazy and The Beast in Heat is repulsive for sure, but it's also clumsy and hard to take seriously. Here's Grindhouse Databases list of Nazisploits
The only thing that makes this film stand apart from the other clones is that lucky son-of-a-bitch Sal Boris, but who the fuck wants to watch him have sex in a cage?

                                         FOR THE MENTALLY DISTURBED ONLY!

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