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Emanuelle in America

-Reviewed by Skunkape-
Directed by Joe D Amato aka Aristide Massaccesi (1976)

It's finally time for every one's favorite promiscuous reporter to make her way to the good ol' US of A. Emanuelle is in America but she's not planning a road trip to Wally World in the family truckster. She's spending all her time in New York City working, not just as a journalist either. She's also making a living as a fashion photographer. Laura Gemser is reprising her role in the Black Emanuelle series yet again and Joe D' Amato is directing, so lets see what wacky adventures he has in store for us this time around.

Topless women are actually normal in NYC
Emanuelle is sneaky and cheeky

   The movie starts out during one of Emanuelle's fashion shoots. She's taking naked photos of gals on motorcycles while Nico Fidenco's smash hit "Celebrate Myself" plays. The song is fantastic and really manages to set a certain tone for the whole film in a very surreal way. After the girls wrap and start putting their clothes back on (dammit) they have a brief conversation about weight loss. Then Janet (Stefania Nocilli, who never worked again), one of the models mentions her boyfriend Tony (Giulio Bianchi, also never worked again) who won't make love to her. She claims he's a real philosopher and all he wants to do is talk. This is a set up for Emanuelle's first little scrape that she gets into and it's right after work. While driving home a man hiding in her back seat pulls a gun on her, he claims that blowing her brains out would be what's best for the corrupt society we live in. He believes she is spreading filth by taking naked pictures of woman so her death would be a lesson in morality.

   When this mad man shows her a photo of Janet in order to prove his point, Emanuelle uses her detective skills and deducts that this loony is Janet's philosopher boyfriend Tony. Emanuelle uses her superpower of SEX, she manages to calm Tony down and before you know it, she's blowing him! He becomes overwhelmed by theses strange feelings of pleasure and flees the car holding his balls which will probably be turning blue very soon. Emanuelle chuckles over this little incident, just another day at the office. Oh, we are updated later in the film that this encounter has turned Tony into a sex fiend and now he won't leave Janet alone! Way to go Emanuelle!

"OK Ladies, smile with your buttcheeks!"

"Let me see your Love Gun!"

   Next we meet Bill, he's a friend of Emanuelle, so you can pretty much assume that he's a friend with benefits. He's the only character in the Black Emanuelle series that provides any stability in Emanelle's life. They are both journalists and always seem to be there for each other in times of need. Deep down they both know that a relationship would never work.
   In this scene you have to pay close attention to the dialogue, there's a  piece fruit with a vagina painting that's hanging on the wall and it's stealing the show. Oh No! Did Bill just say the M-word? Yes he did, Emanuelle tells him that marriage is a crime against freedom. Luckily he didn't scare her away, she cancels an appointment and you know what happens next!

Who wouldn't eat that out?

Assignment #1 The Harem

   Emanuelle stops by Joe's Gymnasium to get her next scoop. Joe tips her off that a high class harem staffed with girls by their star signs is looking for a Virgo to fill an empty position. Joe forges her papers with a new birth date and gets her immediately in touch with the boss, Eric van Darren (Lars Bloch).
   Once on site she screws the bosses right hand man and then mingles with the other girls by the pool. She really seems to fit in!(not really a surprise) Joey D delivers the goods with his underwater camera work, giving the audience lots of wet hairy beaver shots. Next we are treated to some horse fondling or inter species erotica as some would say. A horse named Pedro gets his pecker played with from one of the sluts, while the other girls and the boss watch from outside the stable. This is one of many scenes that make Emanuelle in America one of the most notorious of the series. D'Amato would also put horse fondling in his epic knockoff Caligula 2 The Untold Story years later. Time for some lesbian action, cut to a love scene with Gemser and Lorraine "Cannibal Ferox" De Selle, she's the Gemini of the bunch. It's extra hot and steamy, mainly because it takes place in a sauna.

   Finally, after Emanuelle gets all the photos she needs from a hidden camera in her bracelet, she gambles with the boss man and his VIP guest  Duke Alfredo Elvize. (Gabriele Tinti, Gemser's real life hubby). Luck is on her side and she humiliates Van Darren by beating him with every roll of the dice. The next morning, before anything bad can happen to her for getting out of line, she uses the earnings to buy her way out and hides in the back seat of the Duke's car. After reaching a safe distance she reveals herself to him and they quickly become friends. He invites her to party in Venice where many aristocrats will be attending along with other wealthy guests. Time for Emanuelle to pack her bags!

"There is a lot of small black curly hair in that pool!"

The famous Mr. Head

Assignment #2 Party with the Duke and Duchess of Mount Elba

While visiting Duke Alfredo and Duchess Laura (Paola "Eaten Alive" Senatore) she really gets to know them quite intimately.Seriously, what did you expect? The party of wealthy elites turns into an orgy, some even have ownership of certain guests.They play a "find the golden peanut in the cake game" and the winner, who is this old creep, gets to lick a girl head to toe who was hiding in the cake. He happily slurps all the frosting from her creamy crevices and sadly we have to watch. Emanuelle sits this one out, but does manage to dig up some dirt when she discovers that the Duke deals fraudulent art. After confronted by the Duke, she decides his friendship is more important and the story is not worth reporting.

"I found this peanut in a turd, does that count?"

"I'll have my cake and eat it too!"

Assignment #3 The Stud Farm

So far a harem, a diplomatic orgy, and now she's going undercover to a stud farm. A Place where rich woman of the world go and pick out studly musclebound men so they can act out their fantasies. Probably where any one of "The Real Housewives" would go for a good time. She witnesses a Tarzan fantasy ("me Tarzan you Jane, now suck my dick"), that's harmless enough but then she peeps into a room and notices a couple having sex while watching what could be a real snuff film! Shortly after seeing this her cover is blown, she manages to hide her film, but they confiscate her possessions and clothes. While being interrogated she seduces the manager and with her laying on the floor in heat, Emanuelle sneaks out the side door, gets a ride and then gives the lucky guy who helped her, a ride of his own. That was a close one!

Stud Puppies for sale

Never seen anything this good on pay per view

Assignment #4 Finding the Snuff

After seeing those unforgettable images from that film while visiting the stud farm, Emanuelle must discover if the footage was real or fake. She recognizes a missing girl in a newspaper that she saw being tortured in the footage. Her next informant Ronny, a washed up ex cop who lives on a boat down by the docks (where else) gives her the name of a senator in DC who is linked to the snuff films.
   Emanuelle hooks up with the senator by using the old "oops, sorry I bumped into to you and spilled food on your clothes" routine. It doesn't take long before they hit the sack together. She baits him by asking if he'd "like to do something more stimulating, like something far out or forbidden" so he puts on some black and white porn. Emanuelle acts let down and calls the video a phony, so the senator breaks out the snuff. She gives him the ride of his life and tells him that she was so turned on by the realism and fear of what she saw. The kinky congressman drops some LSD powder into a drink and drugs Emanuelle and then flies her to the filming location. There she sees hot oil poured into a dick shaped funnel placed in a women's mouth, rape, a metal hook inserted into a vagina and nipples being sliced off!
  The next morning she thinks it was all a nightmare and heads back to NYC. It wasn't a dream! The negatives from her hidden camera have been developed and all the shocking things she witnessed have been photographed from that movie set of doom. However, the story is archived because the paper she works for doesn't have the balls to cover something so horrific or does Washington really control the press and are they part of this whole conspiracy?!!!

I'm more disturbed then Anthony Wiener and Eliot Spitzer combined!

Sicker than Salo?

After we put in oil then she gets the dipstick.

 A very frustrated Emanuelle threatens to quit and takes a holiday with her boy toy Bill somewhere out in the jungles of Africa. She gets captured by a tribe and now is forced to marry the leader, who at a glace looks like Carl Winslow from Family Matters. This whole scene is played for laughs and a film crew shows up out of nowhere interrupting the wedding. Probably just Jacopetti and Prosperi shooting their next Mondo feature.

Bill and Emanuelle should have just gone to Disney World.

"Yes, Family Matters!"

Emanuelle in America is the perfect exploitation film on every level. Giannetto De Rossi's fake snuff effects still have quite the impact and it's not everyday you see a horse's penis being played with. Gemser looks great as always, also De Selle and Senatore look pretty damn good naked, not covered in mud being chased by cannibals. Joe D Amato's Emanuelle in America is my favorite of any Emanuelle film, black, white or even yellow! So give this journalist a Pulitzer prize already! 

10/10 On the CULT-O-METER 

Take a tour with Emanuelle
and you'll also see an episode of the famous Mr. Head


  1. Man, that movie is creepy! I luv the eerie pop glam songs on the soundtrack too.

  2. It's one of the most disturbingly fun movies that's worth revisiting.

  3. Has there ever been any behind the secenes documentary on how the snuff scenes were made? They were too damn good for their time.


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