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Mad Foxes

Mad Foxes (Los Violadores) Directed Paul Grau By Starring Jose Gras (1981)
  Mad Foxes is an almost totally unknown exploitation classic that never registers on cult movie fans top ten lists, but it mixes brutal castration, gratuitous sex, Nazi hijinx and so much flaccid peen that it's almost a gay porn with car crashes and Nazi biker mayhem!

  Why are all these GI Joe Drednoughts like Nazi villains chasing after Hal Walters (played by 70's Hulk Mego lookalike Jose Gras) anyway? Could it be he's a super ladies man who drives a sweet white hot Chevy Stingray, that never receives any damage, not even so much as a scratch? Yes I believe so!
Don't bother me I'm pooping
Does he ever relinquish the wheel over to these bumbling Dumkuff numb skulls who smash and gut everyone around him including all of his girlfriends, maid, and parents? Fuck that shit! That car is just too precious for him to give up without creating every moment of devastation that up heaves his life into oblivion.
 Do your worst, I'll never talk
Mad Foxes breaks out in full blast with the surprisingly catchy  Krokus tune called 'Easy Rocker' and never really slows down. Right from the start Hal brings his sex kitten jail bait girlfriend to a disco and that car being the punk magnet that it is, attracts the clownish Nazi psychos with its powers.
Since Hal won't give it up he gets pummeled and his super cute babe gets viciously fingered, which pops her hymen and one of the punks even flicks the blood on her nose!! This kind of mean spirited haranguing didn't even happen in the steamy jungles in Hell Of The Living Dead and that was pretty sleazy!
I want my MTV!
  There are so many vile images in Mad Foxes that the most shocking ones over shadow the boredom that happens midway towards the end. The dubbing is excessively clunky and comes off like a badly dubbed Godfrey Ho feature but with Swedes and Germans. Hal does pay back the Nazi degenerates in the most appallingly justified manor (in theory anyway), he and some other lunkheads, who get taken down later on, precede to pull out the prick of one Nazi perpetrator who looks like a hybrid of Rob Halford/ Freddy Mercury, slice it off and then stuff it down his gullet!!!!! I shit you not!
  If you haven't already stopped reading and searched the Internet or rented it on DVD, there is something wrong with your morbid curiosity brain switch!!!! Hal moves on to the next chick faster than anyone can bury the bodies because he is such a debonaire ladies man! And its hard to keep track of how many women are eager to sleep with him, at one disgusting low point he sex with a girl in pee colored bath water!
Paris Himmler
It's hard not to give everything away in this film because its filled with insanely head scratching images that you'll have to later scrub from your brain with steel wool once you absorb them into your subconscious. There is an excessive amount of German dongs and furious humping (the gang sort of reminds me of the rarely seen other group of hooligans in Clockwork Orange). I wonder if the producers wanted to out gore Clockwork and felt that there should be a more vicious gang inspired by that little moment in the Anthony Burgess/ Kubrick film.The German babes in this film are all really attractive and most of them get naked, so there's a little bit of something thrown in for all sexual persuasions. The climax (pun intended) will poke your eyes out as a grenade is thrown into a toilet and a flaccid penis is front and center attached to a dude that looks like Mike Tyson's Punch Out villain Von Kaiser!!! YUCK!
I also have to commend the sadly now defunct Xploited Cinema, and Shocking Videos for turning me and Skunkape onto this flick, thanks alot!
Highly Recommended 10/10 for Shock Value alone!

We're havin you for lunch

This is humiliating

It was all worth it
Stop saying I look like Betty Draper

Theater of Guts
Tribute Trailer

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