Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Three Days Of A Blind Girl

3 Days Of A Blind Girl (Retribution Sight Unseen) Directed By Wing-Chiu Chan Starring Veronica Yip (1993).
   A very attractive woman (Veronica Yip) married to a doctor, has temporarily gone blind because of tension in her eye sockets. She has a maid, a cool sheep dog, and a nice home but as soon as they leave, Sam the Submarine (Anthony Wong is short pants and suspenders) shows up. He got his nickname because he fishes things out of the toilet! Is he a Chinese version of Bill Murray in What About Bob?,only if Bob was a perverted stalker who decides to prey on the family and rape them!  He whines about his wife withholding sex from him because he's a broke factory worker. Later on there's an important plot connection between the Doctor and Sam's wife, the motivation for his revenge.
 Wing-Chiu Chan, the director goes out of his way to also turn the viewer into a lecherous creep when no one is around, the camera perspective looms in as the wife pees then takes a shower. Sam, even hops in and does some creepy pantomime along her body, while she's unaware he's in the tub. He pretends it's someone else (since she can't see)! It immediately starts taking a dark twisted detour, almost like a more perverted Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn. This has got to be the worst weekend to temporarily go blind!
Peek A-Boo
   Sam is not there by coincidence and knows when her husband left for vacation and waited for the perfect moment to strike. He starts tormenting her about who would be on her cheat list (Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-Fat, Ricard Gere)! Speaking of Gere a poor mouse gets stomped on by Sam. He even kills her dog and feeds her the meat! 
He's hung like a squirrel
   This is demented style Anthony Wong back in top form where he belongs! He's brilliant as a psychotic maniac! After she finishes the meal he yells at her for vomiting! 
   In Deep Red, Balun compared Wong's performance to David Hess, his sexual manipulation and forcefulness is similar to Hess in House On The Edge Of The Park.       
   Sam cackles like a tard as he watches cartoons and Veronica pretends to hyperventilate to get him out of the house. A stupid cop attempts to help and it doesn't end well, it seems for awhile that she will never make it out alive! Retribution's message is that men are all capable of infidelity and murder, in the end she realizes that it's better to not rely on them or become victimized. It does follow the storyline of the various films it emulates without blatantly stealing them and does a good job of keeping the suspense going, it's more in league with mainstream fare then underground,with the usual amount of Category III perversion. So check it out!
Another episode of HK Three's Company

My sight just came back!

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