Thursday, March 21, 2013

Accion Mutante

 Accion Mutante (1993)
Directed by Alex de la Iglesia

Now here's a movie with a little bit of everything. Its a sci-fi, comedy, horror that involves mutants and kidnapping and has an around weirdness factor. Whatever genre it belongs to, it surely doesn't disappoint.

Should have taken a left at Albuquerque

A band of misfit mutants commit robberies on the rich and kidnap in order to get money and revenge on the beautiful people of the universe. Most of the time the crimes are botched due to the incompetence of the reject squad. For example, as the film opens up they accidentally put too much tape over one of their victim's mouth causing him to suffocate.(oops)
At first the goofy nature of the freak's bickering and the tongue-in-cheek "mission impossible" theme song put me off a bit. But after about 25 minutes or so this low budget oddity kicks into high gear, right after a wedding party massacre takes place.

Time for the "Electric Slide!"

"Honey, can you make my piece bigger?"

"I hate Vanilla!!!!"

The bride is the daughter of Orujo, a famous and very rich business man.She is taken by the freaks who are known to the media as Accion Mutante! With some casualties they take her back to the brain and the leader of their operation Ramon. Without giving to much away, greed becomes a factor among the team and their beautiful prisoner gets the Stockholm syndrome, making things more complicated. This is the kidnapping of all kidnappings, if the mutants can pull this one off they can all retire and live like kings throughout the galaxy.

"Get up before the Sand people get here!"

8/10 on the CULT-O-METER


Had a lot of fun watching this and would easily plop down some hard earned cash for a DVD or a Bluray SE. Don't miss this film if you get the chance. Director Alex de la Iglesia is still making movies today, 2010's The Last Circus is a 10/10!
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