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Avenged (Deadbeat, Getting Even, Tom Cats) Directed By Harry Kerwin, Starring Chris Mulky (1977). 

I've seen a lot of rape/revenge movies, this is one of the most repugnant misogynistic films to come along in awhile and that's really saying something. Like Gestapo's Last Orgy or A Serbian Film, it crawls its way into your psyche and once you've seen it, that's more than enough. 
   The strangest part of all is how they sold the film, just check out the pro-rape connotation this trailer for Tomcats (or Avenged) has. (LINK). That's none other than the "Real" Don Steele doing the voice work for the trailer of Rocknroll High School, Death Race 2000 and tons of other cult flicks. I don't usually get all up in arms about women being objectified, violently raped then murdered--but this film got under my skin. I mean it's still "only a movie" but an all around exploitive and repulsive one in an equal opportunity manor. For a rinky dink 70's grindhouse flick directed by Something Weird Video alumni Kerwin (whose brother was in all those classic H.G. Lewis staples) to bother me this much, it's very effective and worth seeking out. 
   Just don't say we didn't warn you, if you're a woman, there's nothing for you to enjoy (we don't even get the satisfaction of a climactic death for the redneck rapists). You might have to take 30 showers to feel clean again!

Bobby Brady over there is our Matthew (from I Spit on your Grave)

   The film has the production values of the spicy meatball Alka-seltzer commercial. Down at a greasy spoon, four hillbilly degenerates take turns viciously raping a poor waitress then murder her in cold blood.
   A swampy fat guy is the only witness (he was heavy breathing behind a large tree, one that doesn't even hide his girth) and he's so drunk he can't even read the plates on the rapers get- away car!

Wendy the waitresses' brother Cullin (Chris Mulky- later on Twin Peaks) and his girlfriend are distraught by the slaying and it turns out they are both related to the police captain, so there will certainly be some avenging later.

Sir, you're being arrested for severe flatulence
   This film tries to turn you off to sex forever, there's some pasty assed white people dropping trough, with a side of forced entry. During one "pleasant" scene the gang rapers cackle as the married guy in their group forces his wife to blow him in front of his pals! 

Later on the porky gentlemen witness is found and questioned at the station by non other then William Kerwin the captain from Blood feast (who's also the director's brother)!

Shit! not another one of those long hard ones.


If you like women being beaten and humiliated then murdered in some of the ugliest Miami Florida locations you'll eat up Avenged! Or maybe you felt The Ladies Club was tame and reserved, than this flick is your new best pal, I have to hand it to Code Red (whose output I'm not much of a fan of) they put out a nice double disc with extras that includes Kerwin's previous hixploitation film God's Bloody Acre.

WOOT WOOT! These Wise Potato chips are salty

   The same hillbillies are out serial raping every waitress in the boonies and worst of all never pocketing enough money in the register, but what do they expect from knock off Stuckey's or Waffle Houses, high class Cracker Barrel loot? These hicks are cut from the same toothless cloth as the slack jawed boys from I Spit on your Grave, but possibly worse!

Welcome to the South

   It turns out the crackers have a pretty smart lawyer and on a count of a technicality they all get off... so to speak! After the judge lets them go, Wendy's brother Cullin has a plan to exterminate the yokels (who pin him to a car door and smear their ice cream in his face)!

you made me drop my organic sea-salted caramel ice cream

   Every woman in this film is not only assaulted but treated as if they're human garbage it's extremely unpleasant. They really push the eye for an eye barometer as far as it will stretch.

   Culin, Wendy's brother is supposed to be a collegiate pacifist, but has guns in every kitchen drawer (I guess it's a Florida thing). He hunts all the bastards down one by one, but for some reason I never felt satisfied. I mean when it's Linda Blair or Charles Bronson I'm clapping my hands like a mongoloid, so what's wrong, why am I wrestling with my psyche? The film has this earthy down home quality and unpleasantness that makes it disturbing and yet still enjoyable.
  There's no fantasy element just primitive ugliness and it all ends like a bad cop show on a CHIPS style pause under the credits!

   I felt let down by the vengeance, but if a low budget revenge flick can force me to consider why I've enjoyed so many other rape/revenge fantasy action flicks, than it's an impressive piece of work.


Be gentle and don't skimp on the Astroglide!

I'm fixing the place up for Gordon Ramsay

When you're in a sticky forced entry situation, always reach for Vaseline 

I lost my contact again

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