Thursday, June 5, 2014

GETEVEN aka Road to Revenge

-Reviewed by Skunkape-
Directed by John De Hart and yes GetEven is one word!

GETEVEN is the biggest little action movie you never did see. But if you did see it, you're one of the lucky ones. The film is another so bad it's good affair but what makes it a cut above the rest is that its got so much "Hart", John De Hart that is! De Hart plays Rick Bodie the film's star. He also wrote, directed, and provided some of the music in the film. So who is Bodie going to get even with? Lets find out!

Kung Fool

Our hero and his best friend and partner Huck Finney ( Wings "Ramrod" Hauser ) are about to bust up a drug operation in a remote trailer. Lt. Normad ( William Smith ) is in charge and recklessly gets Huck wounded in line of duty. Normad takes full credit for the operation and gets promoted. He then frames Bodie and Huck for drugs and gets them kicked off the force. This lieutenant is as corrupt as they come.

The Evil Normad
"Yes Huck, you suck at darts."

Life is rough for the two ex-cops. Bodie drives a limo and Huck drinks constantly while his wife cheats on him. She's even banging the evil Normad who is now the top judicial official and pretty much runs the town. The reasons for revenge keep piling up! While Bodie and Huck are drinking at their favorite bar on "cowboy night", Bodie runs into one of his old flames named Cindy. ( Pamela Jean Bryant ) He dazzles her by getting on stage and singing with the house band. This is the money shot of the film. He croons out a country tune of epic proportions that will probably stay with you for the rest of your life called the " Shimmy Slide".

"How about the Shimmy Electric Slide? Boogie Oogie?"

Now things really start to heat up! On Bodie and Cindy's second date she reveals that she was part of a satanic cult for a while and witnessed the sacrifice of a baby. A little later we find out that Normad is not only the justice system in this town but he is also the sect's high priest of Lucifer worshiping loonies. Normad's goons are after Cindy for abandoning the cult and that's when Bodie has finally had enough and decides to GETEVEN!

"Pull my Finger."

"Hail Satan!"

"Mr. De much are you paying me again?"

Some reviews have called this film a vanity project by John De Hart playing the lead but I call it a masterpiece. He may not have the required acting skills to be a leading man in any real Hollywood production, but his laid back cowboy/ macho man performance works nicely with William Smith, who is totally hamming it up as the villain and Wings Hauser, who is way way over the top, giving a very eccentric performance as his best buddy.

More like Dingleberry Finn!

Hauser's character Huck Finney goes slightly mad from the trauma of the past and his slut wife. So he starts his own religion based on the passages of Huckleberry Finn. Sound crazy? However, I would surly sign up for "Huckism" before Scientology any day!

Now an attorney in central LA, Mr. De Hart is back where he belongs.(not acting) He did leave his mark in film and made cinematic history when he Shimmy Slid his way right into this review's heart forever. GETEVEN is a gem waiting to be discovered by bad movie lovers everywhere. I hope that one day in the near future I can see it at a midnight screening in a packed theater where everyone is singing along and dressed in overalls celebrating "Huckism". That would be awesome! Hot Damn!

"LA Law" for real

Theater of Guts
Tribute Trailer
"There's only one man who can travel the Road to Revenge."

I "De Hart" Radio

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