Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Other Hell

aka Guardian of Hell (1981)

Director Bruno Mattei takes a "stab" at the nunsploitation genre with some success. In 90% of the nunsploitation films I've watched  they're always padded out with scenes of lesbian soft core and since I'm not sixteen years old I find them to be quite dull. The Other Hell ignores all the sex and delivers lots of cheap gore instead. What motion picture is this director trying to imitate? (this is Bruno"the hack" Mattei we're talking about) None! To my knowledge. However, he does steal Goblin's score to D'Amato's Beyond the Darkness and uses lead actress Franca Stoppi from that very same film. He also takes the Goblin album Roller which is not a soundtrack and makes it in to one by using a track or two!

Franca Stoppi in Sister Act 3: Raped by a Demon

 The Other Hell is about strange supernatural occurrences in a Monastery. Father Valerio (City of the Living Dead's Carlo De Mejo) is sent to investigate a string of paranormal activities that have even taken the lives of a few Sisters that live there.  A masked phantom roams the building with her pet cat and is usually near by when these strange things happen. The eccentric Mother Vincenza (Stoppi) was raped by an demon and this mystery figure is the offspring. When she was born, the Mother Superior tried to destroy the child by throwing the infant into a pot of boiling water (lobster style) but the child's evil power saves her and she kills the Mother Superior by forcing her to strangle herself.

Father Sherlock Hopeless

"Sorry, I only breast feed grown men."

"Cover my eye, I can't watch this crappy movie!"
"An illustrated recipe for baby soup, yum."

Some of the nuns there are even conducting experiments in a secret lab. One of their studies consist of cutting out a dead Sister's vagina. What could Sister Mary Mr. Wizard be doing with that beaker full of green liquid?

Are these Nuns Catholic or "science"tologists?

I stayed away from this title for a long time because of countless reviews calling it boring and stupid. The pacing is quite slow and it is pretty stupid but it still managed to keep me entertained with its sleazy story line and gore. With familiar faces such as Stoppi,, De Mejo, and Franco Garofalo (Hell of the Living Dead) and a Goblin soundtrack, how can you go wrong?


7/10 On the CULT-O-METER

"Ahhh, Hemroids from Hell!"

Theater of Guts
Tribute Trailer

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