Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ghost Of Guts Eater

Ghost Of Guts Eater (Krasue Sao) Directed By S. Naowaratch, starring Metta Rungrat (1973). 
It pains me to say that I really did not enjoy Ghost Of Guts Eater, I tried to muster up enough enthusiasm, but it just sucks! The Krasue effects are hysterical, I could watch a head attached to living organs for awhile before it gets real tedious, but they just don't keep the movie afloat enough to recommend it. 
Yeah, gnaw on those intestines!
   The main problem with GOGE is it's all bark and no bite and the character situations and plot development are excruciatingly dull. What made Mystics In Bali highly entertaining and likable in comparison makes this one a chore, when it should be a gut dangling good time!
   The Thai origin of a hungry ghost depicted in Guts Eater, lives like a normal human part of the time, the severed head floats around while the body sleeps and it feeds late at night. One of the most irritating things about the film besides the 3 layers of subs that get in the way of the screen is the awful pacing, it just zaps any kind of pathos or tension that might work. Even if I saw a pristine copy of this, I don't think it would've improved anything and many reviews that I've read, kind of skip over this and go into the history of the Krasue, here at TOG we're more inclined to give you the real dirt! Although the always reliable BackYard Asia blog does a decent job of reviewing it (Link here).
Many of these rare films are incredibly difficult to find (Skunkape had to sleep in his car and make seedy deals in order to secure this flick)!
does this sheet make me look fat?

   I'd have to say that it wasn't worth the effort, even with the goofy "Clutch Cargo" style animation of severed heads floating around with entrails dangling in the breeze!
  A guy named Boon Muang has a major problem in his village and the farmers are pissed that a grandma and granddaughter are galavanting around minus their bodies, spooking up trouble and eating live chickens and even baby placentas!
Hi Everybody I got my medical license from a cereal box!
   So they go visit a late Roger Corman/ Poe era chubby Peter Lorre looking witchdoctor and ask him to destroy the vampire. Wait, What? Vampire, not ghost, OK I guess there's not much of a difference, No never mind there totally is! 
   Let me try to explain what's going on, a demon has possessed the floating heads and it must be driven out with a whacking stick, sounds perfectly normal right? OK let's move on, because apparently in Thailand, monster folklore is interchangeable, Werewolves are Frankensteins and Dracula's are from the Black Lagoon, so forget what you know. 

Boon Muang believes that the witch doctor just wants to ruin his marriage by prescribing he beat his wife, but the doctor isn't full of shit, because we've seen the evidence, that she is a Krasue. As it turns out, the grandma is the demon responsible for taking over and channeling her hunger pangs by way of her granddaughter. The momentum represented here is almost like a bad soap opera with dangling offal and that's the main problem. It drags everything down and makes it more painful than it should be, at the end the grandma's curse is lifted and the husband and wife live happily ever after, is that really something you want from a film with the genius title of Ghost Of Guts Eater, no way!

I hear Burger King delivers now!

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