Monday, September 30, 2013

Bestialita aka Dog Lay Afternoon

-Reviewed by Skunkape-
 1976 Directed by George Eastman and Peter Skerl
I wonder how many people actually saw this in the movie theater? After all, you'd need guts knowing the employee ripping your ticket stub would be judging you for seeing a movie about canine intercourse. (That's right dog fucking) You could only hope it would be paired up with a Fellini flick as a double feature and that would give you somewhat of an excuse to see this art house sleaze.
 The action starts when a little girl hops off her bike and looks through a window. She witnesses the unthinkable, her mother making love (not just puppy love) to the family pet. She is fucking a doberman in the missionary position but in this case, it's still doggy style. The husband busts in catching the two right in the act. The poor pooch gets chained up and the house is set on fire turning this loving pet into a hot dog.

"is that a new trick?"

I'm Top Dog!

Fast forward about 15 years or so and we meet a couple, Paul and Yvette. They've just moved from Paris, France.  Paul wants to turn this little seaside town into a tourist village. While exploring, the couple keeps stumbling upon a mysterious girl and her pet dog. She appears and disappears before they can even talk to her. Some of the locals know her by name and others believe she is some kind of a ghost.

Never mind"Kibbles N Bits" I want "Nipples N Tits"!

Paul and Yvette are having major relationship problems and believe that having a baby would give their marriage new life. Sooner or later they they meet this mystery gal, Jeanine and you've probably guessed that this is the same traumatized little girl who saw her mom getting "milk" boned in her living room but all grown up. The three become very close to one another and Jeanine takes the place of the child that they can't seem to have and long for. The innocence fades and Jeanine is actually somewhat of a nympho. She seduces Paul and makes Yvette jealous but smooths things over when she gives her some loving the next morning. The next evening all three do the deed and when she doesn't come home her dog howls for her. Is the dog jealous? Did she take after her mother or is the dog just hungry and she forget to open a can of ALPO?

"Ahh, did she give us Rabies?"

"I'm in heat!!!"

Some other characters in this film include a wacky philosopher, some super rich swingers, newlyweds, and a eccentric fisherman,  We find out later that Jeanine is a runaway and her dysfunctional family has hired a PI to find her. Ugo the fisherman who lives in a cave plays a role in helping Jeanine and the dog hide and also a major part in the finale. It's a finale equally shocking as the beginning of the film which bookends all the art house madness and soft core crap in the middle.


Playing Dead?

I didn't hate Bestialita, it needed just a little something more to make it a classic. It was shot around gorgeous beaches, caves, and castles. It was written and co directed by none other than George "Grim Reaper" Eastman.
 Franca "The Other Hell" Stoppi was the mother that banged the dog in her first ever credited role. (what a trooper) The soundtrack was also pretty good.

Slightly Recommended
6/10 on the CULT-O-METER
To see an orginal Turkish poster for this film go to
the amazing website click HERE 

See the Theater of Guts Trailer!!!
But don't miss the special message from McGruff the Crime Dog at the end!

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  1. If I've learned anything from Erotic Nights of the Living Dead, it's that I'm pretty sure Eastman has warts all over his taint. Now I know that they could somehow be related to dog humping.

  2. I wonder, who is the bigger perv, Eastman or D'Amato??? or me for watching it? Ahhhh


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