Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Undertaker & His Pals

The Undertaker & His Pals Directed by T.V. Mikels. Starring James Westmoreland (1966).
            Maybe it was a case of right time, right amount of wasted, but I highly enjoyed this notorious dud. I went in with low expectations because everyone I know shat on it! T.V. Mikels is a director I have yet to see a film I liked (accept Girl In Gold Boots, but only the MST3K version). This one is my other favorites, in this film he’s sort of channeling H.G. Lewis (I realize I mention him a lot in this blog, but he rules)! I liked all the bad taste con-man undertaker shenanigans, goofy cannibal jokes (What’s on the menu)? People with food last names (Lamb, Poultry,Hamburger) are chopped up in this run down restaurant and put on the menu. A ballistic motorcycle gang is terrorizing the town and butchering girls, while the undertaker is in on it. There’s a great R&B garage track that closes the film that would fit right in on The dave the spazzradio show. Everyone comes out and takes a bow at the end just like in The Bad Seed. James Westmoreland went on to one of my all time favorite sicko exploitation slasher films "Don't Answer The Phone".

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