Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dr. Lamb

Dr Lamb (Gou yeung yi sang ) directed by Danny Lee. Starring Simon Yam 1992.
            I hate to do it but it has to be said, so that others might join me in trashing Dr. Lame, I mean Dr. Lamb. I don’t know what anyone  else sees in this boring episode of Chinese CSI? Many critics have regarded this to be a Hong Kong version of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer or Maniac and they are dead wrong. Maybe if you cut out all the scenes of pathos, drama and character development found in the formentioned films and replace it with a dull episode of Chinese NYPD then you’d have your movie.
            Dr. Lamb (played by Simon Yam) trolls around in his taxi (I think they should have played romantic saxophone while this went on). He picks up hookers then rapes them, dismembers them and still this isn’t enough to hold my interest? I’m not some jaded creep either, but it’s done in a tedious way and shouldn’t come off this dull! Other elements that serve to douse the fury are literal broken English translations, which make it laughable, so that is half the battle (blame the subtitle guy).
            The story was based on real Hong Kong serial killer Lam Kor-wan who was convicted in 1982. I have to give some credit to the women who lied still playing defiled corpses, but again it’s sort of funny to watch their still faces while being humped. If they didn’t have twenty police men bumbling around the office questioning the family involved while shouting broken English at each other maybe it would’ve worked better than it did. I’m not here to defend the film and think others should express how bad this highly regarded category III film is because not all of them are winners.
I don't like this episode of Chinese Cash Cab!
Can we get some more police in here!
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