Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Cynic, The Rat & The Fist.


The Cynic, The Rat & The Fist(Il cinico, l'infame, il violento) Directed by Umberto Lenzi. Starring Tomas Milian (1977)
             There are many Umberto Lenzi directed Poliziotteschi’s or trashy Italian police films but only one in the catalog. That title is Violent Protection most of them involve Tomas Milian and Maurizio Merli and all have kick ass soundtracks! (download one right now) 
            The Cynic, The Rat and The Fist is just one motherfucker of a title and apparently the sequel to Rome Armed to the Teeth. I haven’t seen that title or Violent Protection (which is in the Deep Red catalog), but I already know what to expect (seen one seen them all). 
            This one however is the most coherently structured and impressive directed films that Lenzi has ever been involved with. Maybe he actually cares about the material and isn’t trying to cash in on something. Perhaps he wants to make a decent Italian police flick. In this film shades of misogyny are present as a woman’s face is doused with acid. Tomas Milian and John Saxon play brothers and Maurizio Merli plays the pissed off cop trying to hunt them down and bust them for good. The dubbed dialogue in a Lenzi film is always more entertaining then the original Italian translations (but for this film I didn’t have that option). As I watched another film by the same director called “Almost Human” I compared the original language with the dubbed translation and often they conflicted, but it was still very entertaining. Why Chas picked Violent Protection is confusing because this one seemed to have more guts. Ed Mannix who dubs Al Cliver’s (Zombi 2,Murder Rock) voice makes an appearance for this thug looking Dario Argento. I love hearing Al Cliver’s voice in other Italian films dubbing other actors it never fails to crack me up. Italian Police films are often like land mines you might get incinerated but then there are a few good eggs.
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Dario Argento w/ Giganticism

Here's Acid in your face!

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