Monday, October 1, 2012

Seeding Of A Ghost

Seeding of a Ghost (Aka Zhong Gui or Black Magic 5) Directed By Chuan Yang.  Starring Norman Chu. (1983)
From the Shaw Brothers Studio, the people that brought you top quality martial arts flicks and black magic, zombie, maggot infested trash. When you watch any of the Black Magic related films you are in for a treat, because most of them have lots of nudity,vomiting and spine tingling action scenes all shot with flair and top quality style. The film begins with a grave digging sorcerer who pops out of the cemetery only to be struck down by a taxi. He materializes in the back seat, scaring the bejeasus out of our protagonist; Philip Ko. Right from the start he is warned by the wizard with a dime store cannibal wig that there are consequences attached to black magic and that his family will most likely die. The lighting, cinematography and color schemes throughout are all well represented. All kinds of moral lessons are set up early based on chance, luck, infidelity and the negative effects that black magic will bring. The taxi driver’s wife Irene cheats on him with a bad ass mahjong player and a gratuitous shower scene and naked frolic in the woods follow. In almost every Shaw Brothers film you are always guaranteed a slice of hair pie, so brace yourself horndogs.
 For her actions of infidelity, while running into an abandoned house, two punks coincidentally rape her then toss her around for a while and finally accidentally throw her through a window, where she gets impaled and dies. They were never sent to get her intentionally, but the film sure sets it up that way. On the soundtrack there are loud incessant crickets, perhaps in a Shakespearean way signally that nature is rejecting the supernatural elements about to take place in the guise of revenge. A magic glowing green spare tire leads Ko to his wife’s corpse. Abusive cops in Hawaiian shirts show up and immediately accuse him of the crime. Just like in Street Law, Class of 1984 and others in the grand tradition of stupid authority figures bungling up the rules and siding with the degenerates of society, the Eastern version of that is present in this brilliant film.
Meanwhile at the Hong Kong version of Three’s Companys  resident pick up bar The Regal Beagle, The rapist punks attack Phillip Ko again with pipes and faced with nowhere to turn he visits the witchdoctor.
The first half of the film is alittle slow but stick it out till the end and your eyeballs will be rewarded with some of the weirdest shit ever captured on screen! The warlock describes how the method of leading Ko’s wife to her killers apartment is the concept of The Seeding of a Ghost. He warns again that to use black magic for revenge is a death sentence for all involved.
The process begins with his wife’s rotten corpse being covered with giant banana leaves and other rat house crazy ass Screamin Jay Hawkins type shit! The black magician begins to rub a human skull and chants as he covers his wife’s dead body with coco butter (she’s very ashy)! Meanwhile at one of the poor punk’s house, while his mom fixes him dinner awful things begin to happen. She barfs all over the house and worms pour out of his mouth. At the other villain’s house (there are three involved, the Mahjong champion and the two raper punks). A Fear Factor looking feast of Yogurt brains inside a skull is eaten, which causes his mom to vomit. That family ends up battling mysterious ghost fluids and erupting toilets!  You’d think the weirdness would end there in a final crescendo, but it is just beginning! I won’t dare give it all away but it involves cartoon sex and necrophilia and giant tentacles. Highly Recommended! The film is available on Youtube with subs but I urge you to rent it from NetFlix because the screen transfer quality is much better and it has tons of great trailers.
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