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Return to Frogtown aka Frogtown 2

-Reviewed by Skunkape-

Directed by Donald G. Jackson (1992)

Coming up next month is Theater of Guts' tribute to USA Up All Night, so what better way to lead into that then with a movie that features Rhonda Sheer! She has a really tiny part as F.U.Z.Z.Y. but this is still some really darn good segue!
What the heck is F.U.Z.Z.Y. an acronym for? If I ever find out I'll let you know!

"It's going to be tough to stay up all night when you watch this one!"
It's still a run down apocalyptic world and Frogtown is just another ghetto. After Sam Hell messed up the green bastards and took down Commander Toty last time Frogtown has remained peaceful. Things can't seem to stay that way apparently. A frog called Czar Frogmeister is leading an uprising, he's kidnapped a Professor Tanzer who's being forced to create a serum that will turn everyone in the world green. Commander Toty is also back, he's been reconstructed with a robot head! The almighty Frogmeister is also trying to genetically engineer frog people to create a new frog army. His one and only experiment was a failure. He made a frog that can talk but won't grow, he's only about a foot tall and goes by the name Frogmeister Junior. Junior is a puppet and really is the JarJar/Eddie Deezen of the film always making dumb comments and speaks in a goofy high pitch voice. This character must have certainly paved the way for another Donald G. Jackson turd called Rollergator.


Green's Anatomy

"Hi Ho, Eddie Greenzin here."

The original Hell Comes to Frogtown was on USA UP All Night and is a cult classic loved by millions. Rowdy Roddy Piper was Sam Hell (you knew that) but in this low budget sequel he's played by none other than Rob Z'Dar. This is a welcome change in my book, however Z'Dar delivers every line as dry as possible playing the movie just so straight. This really could have been his time to shine but I guess his giant acting chops just weren't cut out for a leading role. His character is no longer supplying sperm to populate the world, he's a Rocket Ranger, which is basically a policeman with a jet pack. Rocket Rangers are the ones that keep the frog people in check, also back working with the Rangers is Dr. Spangle now played by Denise Duff. All the characters seem to suck the fun right out of the corny concepts that the movie has to offer except for Brion James who plays the professor. He's so over the top that it makes the performance too weird and really not all that funny.

"You two smell like pond water!"

"Why isn't it easy being green?"

If I may take a moment to address something about character actor Brion James. You know him and love, him he's worked with mega stars such as Harrison Ford in Blade Runner and Louie Anderson in Wrong Guys :) , but whats with him and Pterodactyls? In a brief cameo in the film Blue Sunshine he does an awesome impression of one at a party then years later he stars and produces in a film called Pterodactyl Woman in Beverly Hills. And That is the Brion James Pterodactyl connection!

-Skunkape, you're stupid he's doing Rodan not a generic Pterodactyl!!!-

Frogtown II still has lots of eye candy showcasing recycled frog masks from the first, cool desert scenery, and it has a strong supporting cast (Don Stroud, Linda Singer, Charles Napier, Lou Ferrigno) but is it enough to make it worth your while? I did say Lou "The Hulk" Ferrigno" but you won't even like him in this when he's not angry. The Frogs claim to be meaner and greener expressed in a heavy metal concert performed in one of the frog bars that I must say is pretty damn entertaining. After this, things for the world of Frogs got much worse with Donald Jackson's shot on video poop Max Hell Frog Warrior and Toad Warrior. If you're a post nuke movie fan or a Rob Z'Dar enthusiast then take a chance on Return to Frogtown, sit on your lily pad and whip up a peanut butter and fly sandwich and enjoy the show!
Is this Toad The Wet Sprocket?

A sure way to get genital warts.

"The Frogmeister!, making copies, Froggy, Frog- atola"

Samurai Frog Cop

I can't recommend this so
5/10 Fruit flies that are eating the 5/10 bananas!
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Here's a new trailer for you with lots of frog jokes that I left out of the review!
The original trailer boasts that it's "Ribbit"ing entertainment!
So Ribbit, Ribbit Good!
in Frogtown 2 Polywog Flystew

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