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Entrails of a Virgin

Entrails Of A Virgin  Directed By Kazuo "Gaira" Komizu, starring Saeko Kizuki (1986)

Two years ago, I mentioned this director when I reviewed his dull and nearly bloodless Battlegirl. I hoped for better action with a more coherent storyline, but all I got was an aimless, confusing fetish slasher film with more gore (which was the good part and no guts as advertised, which burned me up)! That being said, this film is entertaining for sure and makes fun of slasher movies with a clever plot twist toward the end.

I've heard about this one for a long time but have never actually sat down and watched it, thankfully Fandor bought the Synapse version and is streaming it. It's in the Pink genre of Japanese S&M films, but it's nothing like quality depraved trash that's in the vein of Star Of David: Hunting for Beautiful Girls or School of the Holy Beast. I've heard a theory, that the film maker was intentionally over the top and outlandishly hammy, which to me sounds like a cover-up. I mean sure, Samurai Cop and The Room can pretend all they want that they knew what they were doing the whole time, but there's serious noway that they were self aware! There are some wildly grotesque images in GUTS, like a woman masturbating with a severed arm and tree-fellatio (which should've made its way into Evil Dead 2 as a form of rape retaliation).

I followed a leprechaun over to a pot of gold and found this lethargic Asian stripper instead  

  This film came out in the days of underground trading, hardly anyone saw it during its initial run and often in the 90's the Japanese tape arrived without subtitles. Entrails, just like Guinea Pig (which at the time, you could only order from Chas Balun) was only available on a second generation dub with those irritating japanese characters at the bottom. Video lunatics had to suffer through tons of migraines in order to be disgusted or sometimes bored by what was flickering on the cathode ray. GUTS is basically a slasher film with gratuitous penis shots and actual hardcore sex (with optical fog over the pubic hair parts). It's also a tale of model exploitation in the demanding world of a photo shoot.
I love the imported taste of white trash American swill

This film gets the shock out early with an adorable girl's crotch thrusting into the screen as each model is introduced on film, they show them engaged in optically blurred sex. Some women's private parts are shown as long as they hold their hands over where its approved by the Japanese censorship board, this film is extremely gynecological sandwiched in by some perverts and Friday the 13th goes to Osaka type elements, it's very strange but not all that great.

Foggy sex is the safest kind

It reminds me of some of the weird and disturbing Japanese films that Skunkape would tape me from Todd Tjersland's Threat Theatre catalog, which were half gross porns and extreme horror (one scat film called THE JAPANESE COMEDY TORTURE HOUR had two people dressed like turtles, I guess you might say it's 2 Turtles One Cup years before that viral video stunned the world).
that other VHS catalog

 I definitely do not fondly remember those kinds of tape trading days and glad that we no longer have to deal with shitty-o in the age of high grade quality trash. I love how I can stream this on Fandor along with Arthouse Criterion films in pristine condition, it makes it almost respectable.

The model shoot is taken next to a cardboard rainbow backdrop and seems like it will wind up in a porno mag. More awkward blurred out sex happens as the gang drink Bud and talk about how Indians shared cocaine. There's a lot of useless dialogue that's really superfluous and kinda dumb.
Out in the creepy forest, a mud man pops up from beneath the leaves and hurls a body at their window. The crew seems to be broke, their sleazy manager refuses to spring for a hotel and they shack up in a rickety cabin. They actually blame it on the thick fog, which makes it too difficult to drive. One extremely repugnant character with a mustache and clunky glasses can't wait to
screw the various models--unbeknownst to the girls of course.

no one wants your happiness

A male and female participate in underwear wrestling to appease the group, which ends in the girl pissing herself full on into the camera. So for those with yellow fever and a pee fetish, this movie's got both fixes covered, Oh boy! BARF! This event pisses off one photographer, who tells his coworkers to fuck off and he even leaves the house, maybe he forgot the scary mud man is still lurking outside.
He should've kept his feelings to himself, because just stepping outside ends with him getting brained by a meat tenderizing mallet that pops his eyeball out!

Asian Randy from Pee Wee's Playhouse

The set up for the film is vaguely patterned on all those American slasher movies that were cluttering up the horror genre at the time. There's a killer outside and all the characters are horn dogs, the film maker is poking fun at it, but the major flaw is that it's not very amusing and it doesn't get really insane till the last few minutes, which to be is a sign of a great film. GUTS however, is to busy trying to titillate and be an effective gore film and it can't successfully pull off both.

There's a pile driver blowjob scene, which didn't surprise me, I mean I've seen Rick Flair pull that move on Super Fly Snuka numerous times!

Footlong, who ordered the Footlong!

The mud man pulls his pecker out and after assaulting a girl, in a coitus silhouette (to avoid the optical foggy of their genitals), he then decapitates her--classy move right?
The mustachioed fellow with the glasses gets impaled by a javelin, which was cool he was my least favorite character.
The craziest part of GUTS has a woman blowing a tree and then making out with a bloody severed head, she loses control in a sexual frenzy, which I'm guessing is a statement against the behavior of teens in American horror films, or they just wanted to show the most bat-shit crazy naked gyrating they could accomplish for the screen.

I always go to the morgue for sex toys, is that weird?

The last 20 mins get all Nekromantik Japanese style as this crazy bitch starts humping all the dead victims and even masturbates with a chopped off severed hand.The mud man shows up and pulls out her guts by reaching into her birth canal, but she definitely ain't no virgin!

I thought it was clever how the last living female victim in most slasher movies is the pure one whose kept her virginity, but in this film the killer actually impregnates her. Just imagine if Jason Voorhees instead of planting an axe in the final victim's head, drops his maggoty pants and does the deed, now that would shock everyone!
I feel as if I made this film sound better than it actually is, it's not, but I can't stop you from watching this dopey flick and I'm not even going to try, it's so conveniently available to stream on Fandor that you might as well.

This is one of those great provocative titles that might be better than the film itself. Napalm Death's old drummer Mick Harris, Bill Laswell and John Zorn "supergroup" Painkiller, named their first album after this film. Komizu's unrelated sequel Entrails of a Beautiful Women should be reviewed next in a few months, so stay tuned for more greasy guts.


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