Friday, November 28, 2014

Naked Obsession

Naked Obsession Directed By Dan Golden, Starring William Katt (1990).

I don't care much for William Katt or The Greatest American Hero TV show, but when I read that in Gore Gazette, Rick Sullivan referred to this as one of the scuzziest Sleaze-a-Thons of the year I figured it was worth a shot.

Franklin (Katt) a dumb politician on the path to being elected mayor has nightmares that he's shot to death. The only place I could find to stream this was on a porn site for some odd reason! This was put out by Roger Corman's Concorde production company, same as The Nest, but the "bug fest" was alot better than this putrid Skin-A-Max throwaway garbage-fest!

Katt cruises around in the ghetto, then gets car jacked and has a vision of Jesus. Although it's not Jesus but an aggressive wino played by Rick Dean who leads him to a stripclub, where they play shitty music that I can only describe as adult contemporary Quiet Riot!
Dean acts in a lot of low radar B-movie cable bullshit that I'm not familiar with but he's perfect in this role.
I can't believe I tried to top Rod Stewart's semen swallowing record!

One blonde waitress who looks like Bobbi Brown, the girl in the Warrant "Cherry Pie" video takes a liking to Franklin (Katt). She dances to a fake ZZ Top number on stage and thrusts her lady parts in about 5 dudes faces. This probably played on softcore after hours cable stations in its 90's heyday, before internet porn ruined everything.

The Jesus bum (Dean) is all smiles and bosses the politician around, he also steals his wallet and burns it.

When the Franklin (Katt) gets home, he fantasizes that his wife (played by Wendy MacDonald, who's pretty hot) does a striptease on the dinner table, in reality however she's very prudish. 
He's got a monkey on his back in the form of strippers and even hangs out with the bum again. What is he doing, I can't figure out why he's obsessed with this new lifestyle and hanging out with a smelly wino!? At one point, the homeless guy stares at a stripper's bare vagina and says that it "reminds me of mom", pretty gross if you ask me!

Don't sweat it bro! White trash jesus had your back during this review

The sound dropped out on the porn site I watched this on-- which was annoying then a few days went by and it came back, so this is one of the most stressful reviews I've done in awhile! I had to force myself to finish the rest after much pep talk and convincing to get back to the computer, so more people don't have to suffer through this dreck! I know ToG readers appreciate the effort! I should also mention there's a huge "category III water mark" in the corner, which is stupid because Cat III movies are strictly from the Hong Kong rating system, in Naked Obsession, there are no Asians in sight.

If you wanted to see the guy who almost played Luke Skywalker have a simulated orgasm, then hang onto your light sabers, because this disgusting flick has got you covered!
He picks up a blonde stripper played by Maria Ford, her ribs unfortunately are bigger than her tits and they get into some rough auto erotic asphyxiation sex. Why is that form of sex so popular when many have died from it? Ford has acted in a lot of made for Cable trash and is yet another starlet who's overuse of Botex has given her a rubbery face (just Google some recent pictures of her).
When Katt and Ford's characters fuck, the musical grunts they play sound like the Studio Canal noises.

This movie makes its little statement about sex addiction which I think doesn't exist, but the habitual way this politician revisits the strippers makes it plausible.
In the trailer they make a big deal about San Francisco 49r's Roger Craig running back starring in the film, he pretend fights the Jesus bum and ties him to a pipe in an alley.
The bum has supernatural powers and can give heart attacks with his mind, perhaps he's a Cronenberg-esque "Scanner-bum".

Hey Everybody I'm Roger Craig from the San Francisco 49rs!

Franklin's secretary played by Elena Sahagun does a strip tease in a hood and white mask, while a Busch beer sign hangs in the balance, it turns out she's killing people for him. 
The bum always seems to come to the rescue at the last minute, I wonder if his character inspired the Cohen brothers Sam Elliot one in the Big Lebowski, he seems omnipotent and knows what's going to happen before anyone else, it's pure speculation though.

Busch Beer the most "Avant Guard" of all the cheap american lagers

This is the kind of movie that you might've seen on at the time on late night cable and wondered if it held up, we here at ToG have the same affliction and it's safe to say this one doesn't work and is not worth revisiting. It's very sleazy, but too brainless to have a purpose and ends on an ambiguous note. Definitely skip it! 



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