Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Diabolical Inheritance

Diabolical Inheritance Directed By Alfredo Salazar, Starring Margarito (1994).

Man I gotta watch more Telenovelas or at least ones as demented as this shit! I was raiding the mondo exploito.com archives and came across what looked like a midget in Ronald Mcdonald greasepaint mugging at the camera with a toothy smile, based on that alone, I was sold! I knew I had to put in the call to my number one dealer in hard to find off the beaten path wackiness, Mr. Skunkape. Of course he never lets me down and is the reason this site has stayed afloat for all these years. I do the finger clickity clackin', he does the movie trappin' or something like that. I mean I can’t find everything on Fandor or back alley Salvation Army dumpsters.

The production values are low as fuck, we're talking Fisher Price camcorder style. There's a hideous sex scene that's heavy with shadows layered upon more darkness and confusion, but stick around no matter how tedious the storyline gets because there’s a Grimace cookie waiting for you in a pile of fetid fly covered $ menu cheeseburgers.

I got the dia-beet-tus

It takes place in Mexico, which is oddly topical now considering there’s an authentic Oompa Loomp clown now residing in the white house and all the intolerance toward Latinos. Don’t worry I refuse to go on a political tirade, there’s years of that bullshit everywhere else online. It's even more relevant with the rise of scary clowns making an appearance in different areas and frightening the shit outta people lately. And there's the endless debate whether Guy Fieri, the singer of Smash Mouth and ICP are all the same person, but that's another story. Anyway on with the review.

Clown lives matter Yo!

After Tony’s Aunt croaks, he inherits a creepy old mansion, a pretty typical set up for a haunted house movie but this one really delivers in the unintentionally funny department. There’s lots of slow-mo falls over buildings, down stairs and Margarito Esparza Nevares, the elderly little person who plays the doll is terrifying. He carries the entire production and does a genius job, sadly Margarito just died a few months ago.

used to be available for parties and school events

Tony (Roberto Guinar) scoffs at his girlfriend fretting over the attic, which is filled with demon masks and Satanic bibles. Red flags are waving all over the place, but nobody heeded the warning of course until it’s too late. The two women in Tony’s life are pretty attractive, one of them gets naked but you can hardly see her body, it’s encased in a squiggle fog of video haze. Later on after his girlfriend gets into a horrible accident he moves on real fast and ends up with his hot blonde secretary. They don’t have as much as a split second memorial, just some flowers are quickly placed on her tomb and then it’s off with his new lady friend—that’s cold blooded!

There’s one insane part where Roy, Tony's chubby cheeked Campbell kid looking son and his blonde sitter played by Lorena Herrera visit an insane park. This place is off the chain, there's nursery rhyme statues, actual monkeys swinging around next to ducks above a pond and a giant King Kong statue that moves and blinks it’s eyes—I almost did a spit take on my computer and fried the hard drive.

you know what would go well with my clown midget burrito, some plantains.

It almost gets into Black Devil Doll from Hell rape territory during a dream sequence, but that doesn’t pan out. The most skeeved out I reacted was when a a sleeping hobo gets gouged by a jagged bottle in the head by the short clown, I mean it was just fucked up, nobody deserves that kind of punishment!

While you're up can you grab me a fruit roll-up?

The nightmare fuel rapidly increases into a crescendo of cackles and video tracking shakes. At 1:20 minutes there’s just so much to enjoy, thanks again to Mondo Exploito for turning me onto this warped little flick! I haven't looked it up, but this seems like a prime Video Vortex pick, I'm guessing it will eventually show up on the roster and is just as demented and tedious as you'd expect but I dug every frame of it!


Since we don't clown around, we're proud to present this
Trailer That Smells!

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  1. It's Chucky, The Black Devil Doll from Hell, and the stuffed clown from Ghosthouse rolled up into one scary play toy. I smell a trailer in the works. sniff sniff


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