Friday, December 6, 2013

Women and Bloody Terror

Women and bloody terror (His Wife's Habit) Directed By Joy N. Houck Jr. Starring Marcus Grapes (1970).
Joy N. Houck jr. strikes again and this time he's brought Marcus J. Grapes! (gotta love that name)! who looks like Byrds era David Crosby. Skunkape found this at the bottom of a rancid dumpster dubbed on a Darin's Dance Grooves videotape so please excuse the hideously ugly screen caps! I like how they save a few bucks by filming people from far away and looping in dialogue over it later. Meet Jerry (Grapes) a lecherous mechanic who has a chip on his shoulder over high class chicks that think they are better than him, in other words he's a psychotic stalker! 
I'm gonna bash you into Manischewitz wine
   Lauren Worthington (Georgina Darcy) is the object of his "out of league" obsession and apparently a lot of sleazeballs are just itching to get into her miniskirt!
   One scumbag slaps her around in a bar and a guy who looks like a member of The Chocolate Watchband defends her honor with a bar stool as a weapon and gets to sleep with her. It turns out Lauren is married and is just using him to make herself feel younger (what a cougar)!
I'm just a Milf who's intentions are good

   At a swinging club they show a band that looks sort of like The Pretty Things but they lip sing to another song. Jerry seems to always be somewhere lurking in the background. Lauren is a total user and fucks around behind her husband's back any chance she gets. 
   I like the melancholic montage song they play as she wanders around the city. According to Psychotronic, the music was by Sonny Geraci (of The "Cleaveland U.S." Outsiders and Climax), The Armadillo and Gary Le Mel. 
Do the Bloody Terror Booga-A-Looo
   Night Of Bloody Horror, was always paired up with Women with the insurance clause attached, should you die of fright, you'd get 2000 bucks, of course no one would die of anything but boredom if they came to see a blood soaked slasher film. Against all better judgement, I enjoyed the film's overdramatic elements and dopey-ness, I'm not ashamed. 
   The star from Bloody Horror, Gerald McRaney shows up in a minor role as Mrs. Worthington's daughter's boyfriend. 
   Jerry breaks in her house, my theory is that Houck has sent him to punish her for her sinful ways (we often hear the voice of her own regret in her mind). If she can't use men with her sexual advances, it makes her feel powerless. Impish Jerry chases her around the house and she kicks him in the face. 
   I was actually happy to see her pull a gun on the horny troll and threaten to blow his insides out!
Stop or I'll blow off your bloated raisins
   Mrs. Worthington hasn't learned anything from the incident with Marcus Grapes and is a total slut! She sends her teenage daughter out for burn medicine and humps the boyfriend. 
You get the burn medicine, I'll get the KY Jelly
   Meanwhile Jerry threatens his grease monkey pal Zool with a knife to help him (Ivan Reitman must have seen this for Ghostbusters or its just a coincidence).
   She has a nightmare where all the men she's used come back to attack her. Jerry gets revenge later on and makes his obsession strip while he points a gun and her, for such a lurid film this is the only point we ever get to see her naked and its for a split second (and the room is too dark)! After the drooling goons help them selves to some mother/daughter rape the police shot up and kill them.   
   The title was reconfigured as a slasher movie but the original title of His Wife's Habit makes more sense as a cautionary tale for cougars!  

NO FILM LINK, too hard to find but I did manage to find the psychedelic theme song

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