Sunday, December 8, 2013

Interview with Buddy Giovinazzo aka Buddy G.


Theater of Guts proudly presents an interview with director, musician, and author Buddy Giovinazzo. TOG discussed his films, Combat Shock, No Way Home,Life is Hot in Cracktown and more. Working with Joe Spinell, Tim Roth, & Kerry Washington. His music career, drumming for Circus 2000 A.D. Buddy G is an interesting and a very funny guy!(we apologize for the Beavis & Butthead snickering at 5:14) so watch the video already!

Watch the Theater of Guts Tribute trailer to Combat Shock aka American Nightmares!
We wanted to capture the spirit of the film and make it funny! 

Still can't get enough Buddy G? You're in luck!
Buddy gave us a gift to give to the world, his Circus 2000 A.D. recordings. If you've seen his music videos then you've heard these three classics. Leave this World, Planet TT and Something in the Water.
Keep checking back because we are working on a CD cover and may be adding some more tribute tracks in the near future. Feel free to submit your artwork for a cover to us and if it captures Circus 2000 A.D.'s theme we may include it in the download and if it trumps ours we will post it on the page.

CIRCUS 2000 A.D. Download

Frankie on the Streets-Combat Shock Tribute Song
He started out drumming in many South Florida bands during the 90s. This one man band became Microburst when he started a MySpace music page and developed a small but loyal following. Virtually unknown he creates some of the best electronic music with a wide range of different styles.This song featured in the interview video and trailer above is a similar style to the artists that performed on the popular Disco Undead album. Download the song and enjoy!

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Check out Buddy's Band Hot Ice HERE

 No Way Home
Buddy G's No Way Home started out with a release on VHS from Live Entertainment. Buddy told us that when that company flopped they were bought by Artisan and then Artisan was bought by Lionsgate. If you've never seen Buddy's 2nd feature No Way Home it's an underrated classic that deserves a proper release. I've already tried e-mailing Lionsgate's Home Entertainment Publicity You should to simply say "How about releasing No Way Home directed by Buddy Giovinazzo?"
Listen up Shout Factory, Blue Underground, Drafthouse Films, Criterion!!! If Lionsgate won't release it how about one of you guys licence it!

And if you haven't already see what Crankenstein has to say about Combat Shock in his REVIEW

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  1. Wow... Big fan of Buddy G all around so this whole post just rocks. I remember trying to order that Father Son and the Holy Ghost single back in the '80s from an ad in Fangoria or Circus or something. I believe it was only 50 cents to get it, but I never received one (likely because some chap at the post office nicked my quarters). When I saw the video for the song pop up on an old Buddy G comp tape, I couldn't help but laugh! Man, I really want that record now!!


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