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Vicious! (aka To Make A Killing)

Vicious! (To Make A Killing) Directed by Karl Zwicky 1988. 

Here’s a fucked up Australian movie that melts the competition like a blowtorch to the crotch! 
Damon, played by Tamblyn Lord is an adolescent teen pushing himself to conform to the world of killers (in the college level and in his own suburb). Three drooling lunatics break into his house while he’s trying to jerk off to a Penthouse mag hidden under his bed. These Ozzie blokes maniacal behavior is foreshadowing to what’s in store later. The punks are Terry played by screenwriter Charles Pearce who went onto to fame with Baz Lurhman. Pearce co-wrote all of Lurhman’s films including the new Elvis biopic. Felix (played by John Godden) was in another ozploitation classic Turkey Shoot (1982) and finally Benny (Kelly Dingwall). All these “be a macho man” sort of bullshit obstacles repeatedly show up in Damon’s life whether they be to gut a fish or rob a house. 

don't interrupt me while I'm baitin'

I discovered this movie recently by way of the More Gore Score” book by Chas Balun. 

The main thug and his buddy step on Damon’s neck and point a spear gun at his throat. He is constantly getting debased and humiliated by these three. They all wear matching flannels too for some reason, all degenerates do! 

Cobain is my co-pilot

Chas mentions how “the gang, led by a feral-eyed wastrel could teach David A. Hess a thing or two about horror and humiliation”. I wouldn’t go that far but the main punk character is very sadistic. The boys pick up some girls who really don’t seem to wanna be there to begin with. They head out to a creek to drink Fosters and Vodka. One girl named Claire (Ajay Rochester) guffaws at their dick sizes, she basically wants to humiliate them as well, and it gets uncomfortable. 

PU! did someone open the wrong lunchbox or what?

Half of this movie is a pissing contest, which leads to Sondra almost falling off a speeding car while riding the hood. Tiffiny Dowe was very good as Sondra but she stopped acting unfortunately. 

This movie is sort of an Ozzie take on LHOTL. It’s so vile how Claire who is Sondra’s ride, makes her wait while she bones the guys that almost splattered her “friend’s” brains on the pavement of the parking lot. Sondra, the only seemingly decent girl in this movie, she begins a short-lived relationship with Damon. They both share a distain for their suburban privilege. 

Eat your hearts out Corey Haim or Feldman

The asshole punks from the beginning return and abduct the naive Damon. First, they force a stick poke tattoo on his arm with a $ symbol during a bumpy car ride. He goes to Sondra’s parent’s house for help but they don’t believe him. It gets gnarly and Felix almost strangles Damon to death. Sandra’s family gets involved and shit fits the preverbal fan. Everyone is screaming and threatening as the whole Price family is held hostage. These punks are so dumb! After mum serves them drinks, her small bit of generosity sets the main punk off and they blast away at both parents. One Einstein (as in the “Yahoo Serious” kind) plugs the Dad (played by John Clayton) with a spear after his buddies are done with the massacre. 

The last 40 mins of this movie had my blood boiling as they ramp up the humiliation. This one fits in the rape/ revenge sub genre but the carnal sin is never actually done. Somehow that makes it much worse.

We're all about to die and my Dad's feet really smell!

 Remind me never to visit the Outback (or Outback Steakhouse)! I’ve never heard anyone mention this film but it’s very effective and more people (for those who can handle the brutality) should watch it. It’s a multileveled cautionary tale. 

When I think back, the most insane thing about it was that Damon has no choice. The punks just show up, involve him and never give him a break, he’s forced to gnaw his way out like a dingo on angel dust! He’s haunted by the murders for months and his parents don’t understand his mental condition or how to help! 
plays the Quint vs Hooper scar game a little too well.

The ending is very unexpected and terrifying, worst of all Damon uses the experience for his college resume! I mean did he just use this trauma as a leg up into the savvy cut throat business world, seems that way to me. You can watch the entire film on

Did you piss in my coffee, well played.

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