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Vampyres (1974)

Vampyres Directed by José Ramón Larraz (1974)

I believed before that I’d seen this film but probably confused it for a Jean Rollin/ Jess Franco joint.

But no, it’s the groovy cryptic bloodthirsty stylings of José Ramón Larraz. I’ve seen three of his other films Rest In Pieces (1987), which I loved, it was enjoyably demented. The others were Edge of An Axe (1988) and Deadly Manor (1990).This film is technically brilliant. It’s all here, the mood, mystery and beauty of the vampiric females and the cryptic countryside. The two uber sexy women are Fran (Marianne Morris) and Miriam (Anulka Dziubinska). According to Femme Fatales (vol. 5 #3) Anulka was nervous during the Lesbian make-out scenes and downed half a bottle of Scotch to loosen up. In the same interview Marianne mentions how most of the populous of Britain know her from a sexy jeans ad and she retired from acting to run her own business.

During a scene with a Brit couple, I spotted Sultana Bran which looks like a British version of Raisin Bran but enough about breakfast.

Just two scoops of Bat guano in your flakes

This Ted character played by Murray Brown looks like one of the borstal teachers from the movie SCUM (1979). He’s our main protagonist. Ted and Fran the vampire lady start bonin’ in the most intimately disgusting fashion. Where is this relationship going anyway, nowhere pleasant that’s for sure! 

Ted first noticing something is freaky with Fran

Next Ted wakes up with hideous gash and seems severely weak and hung over. But bloodsucking Fran is missing because it’s daylight and vampires or “vampYres” hide from the light, or do they? And how do I explain the scenes before during the day where the female vamps are hitchhiking in broad daylight, well I cannot! Maybe the film makers just discovered vampire lore or maybe “vampYres” are exempt from Bram Stoker shit like when Seinfeld’s girlfriend talked her way out of a speeding ticket. At any rate Ted is gonna turn, spoiler alert he doesn’t and his suffering just gets worse. Now it’s night again and Fran throws a party w Miriam her girlfriend and Rupert. So, it’s starting to get kinky, hopefully not Fred and Rose West serial killer kinky. 

Rupert didn't get the naughty fun orgy he wanted.

There’s a Brit couple I haven’t mentioned (the Raisin Bran folks) they sort of watch everything and pontificate. The blood scarfing gets icky to gnarly as both women (Miriam and Fran) slurp up a knife victim. This reminds me of Daughters of Darkness and would fit in the Eurotrash encyclopedia book “Immoral Tales” by Pete Tombs. 

Draining your veins for our pleasure makes us laugh.

The gals are once again able to walk in the sunshine like that Roger Miller song goes. Perhaps just after a fresh blood slurpee , it gives them protection from flame combustion by the Sun’s rays. Let’s go with that!  

Roger Miller will devour these chickens and drink their blood.

The vaginal wound spurting sex-o-delic fuel for Miriam and Fran made me wince a little. Squirmy squirm. 

The vamp ladies toy with a snotty wine critic and we see some ancient reds in the cellar. They play a wine guessing game with this fellow. This movie is one distinctive and original vampire flick. If you can handle the vampire mythos bent and reconfigured and the classy or overt sexual nature then check it out. I heard the film recently reviewed on one of my fav podcasts Necromaniacs and thought I would check it out. I watched it on Tubi and Arrow released the Blu-Ray.

3 1/2 out of five Lesbian vampire fangs.

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