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Guinea Pig 2: Flowers of Flesh and Blood

Guinea Pig 2: Flowers of Flesh and Blood, Starring and directed by Hideshi Hino (1985).

Everything that we now know about Charlie Sheen from his drug abuse, porn star addiction, severe mental problems and conspiracy theories, most people would in this day and age side with Chas Balun. According to Snopes, in the 60's, Ed Sanders a guy in the hippie punk band The Fugs interviewed someone from the Manson Family about a headless victim in a secret sex tape that no one was able to track down but it was labeled "snuff". That was the first case of a hardcore scene that ends in death and of course tons of movies came out after about the subject, starting with Michael and Roberta Findlay's controversial, laughable and dull as shit flick Snuff.

Now that this bullshit is on Blu-ray, I'll die of embarrassement all over again!

Sheen pushed the panic button over at Chris Gore’s party, where he put on a crazy video compilation, it offended the dopey actor and he alerted the feds. Gore already had it out for Chas, bashing him in Film Threat, as a scumbag who ripped off the directors that he claimed to admire. We've covered this before but Chas not only loved these rare films, which were all censored in the U.S. at the time, but he went out of his way to champion them as more artistic and brilliant during the time when they were regularly trashed. He took it to the underground to get the message out there before the internet existed.

I saw this film back in the 90’s when it seemed as if it could’ve been a genuine snuff flick, Skunkape had a copy and we giggled and made fun of the dopey looking back alley rapist Samurai (who reminded us of our T.V. Production teacher Mr. Bolton). This teacher had the most lethal, paint peeling, shit-smelling breath that it was a form of torture just to be too close to those rotten choppers.

everybodies doin' it from Col. Sanders, Alice Cooper to John Waters.

Balun also sold the making of special, which showed all the latex effects and fake gore. If you do a brief amount of research, you’ll find truckloads of YT teen film critics making snarky comments or dissecting the entire film series 1-6 that were produced usually in front of their overstocked shelves of horror DVDs and posters. I’ve successfully neglected to review all of the short films, even though I was fascinated by what each of the creative staff of Deep Red thought of Chas getting unfairly busted, because it put them all in serious jeopardy at least for a short while.

A mysterious underground snuff tape showing up in your mailbox could never happen again. In the future of 2017 of course if you really wanted to, you could easily seek out beheadings, snuff or Serbian Film reality bullshit if you choose that depraved route, it’s all up to your own discretion and moral compass or whatever sick shit gets you off. Or you could not even try all that hard and accidentally watch every Human Centipede film on various streaming devices. Why would you though, as Max Renn (James Woods) character in Videodrome struggled with, why do it for real? It’s so much easier and safer to fake it. You know things are really fucked up when that kind of shit is run of the mill. 

I'm still haunted by James Woods trying to explain this flick to Peter Griffin.

Hideshi Hino, a talented comic book artist took this idea or philosophy and constructed his own version of what a genuine snuff film might look like. There’s an interview with him from that said the production team behind the first movie approached him about a minimal project, which was the basis for Flower of Flesh and Blood. Hino actually put on the makeup, donned the silly looking helmet for the Samurai role and got really down and dirty. He didn’t receive that much hostility from the feds, at least as much as CB did, which is fucked up considering he created this piece of shit and Deep Red just sold a bootleg of it.

I used to see ads for Hideshi’s comic Panorama of Hell and Hellbaby in the Fantaco catalog, there’s even a cool maggot eaten action figure which came out (that's pretty fucking expensive and hard to find). Hideshi's artistic talents are more provocative and interesting than this film here, which like the first one is just basic torture porn—aka the bullshit Eli Roth thinks is valid performance art.
It begins with amateurish subway footage and an after dark chloroform situation happens. It does have a scary voyeuristic shot on video quality.

I hope this toy is under my tree this year.

A rubber glove wearing ghoul in lipstick and white face make-up (Hideshi), sharpens up some loud surgical instruments and starts carving away like a grandma on Thanksgiving. That’s kind of how it begins, he kills a chicken and blabbity blabs about how poetic her blood and bones cracking are. It’s all done in a slow masturbatory way and it’s no fun at all, super creepy, nihilistic, icky and deranged. I mean if there was a story or purpose other than to get the jollies of some freako going, then maybe I could file it under something in the vein of Grand Guignole Japanese style, but it’s insanely boring and just foul. It ends with him severing her head, popping out her eyeballs and he sings a hellish lullaby. The End.

This short film has certain elements in common with Nekromantik. There’s a the jar of organs, maggots slithering into the camera and all that jazz but it’s basically too boring for its own good. A totally unpleasant yawn fest, it's basically gorenography but I guess it was influential on creating one of the dumbest sub genres: torture porn. Until next time, I’ll save you a straight jacket for the loony bin of Japanese snuff depravity because I plan on reviewing all of these whether they all suck or not.


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