Sunday, April 16, 2017

James "Dr. Terror" Harris R.I.P.

This is an awkward depressing time right now, it seems as if all the nicest, most talented and genius artists are dying off and the world is being over taken by greed, ignorance and people who drink Gatorade instead of water cuz it's got electrolytes. I keep thinking that pretty soon, it’ll be an apocalyptic hell on earth run by white supremacists and the fascist Orange monarchy, once they drop a nuclear warhead. But I’m trying not to be consumed by negative thoughts.

this was my fav. picture of Dr. Terror.

Even though I barely knew Dr. Terror, his death is very tragic and shocking to me and as evident from the outpour of condolences on FB, he meant a lot to others. 

I’ve admired his site for a few years now and he was very talented and overly enthusiastic about gore films. As “horror bloggers” we cast out our impressions of things and convey how these films affect us. Sometimes it seems like nobody gives a fuck or even bothers to read anything, but we roll that boulder up the hill anyway hoping to influence others. That’s my biggest fear, that something will happen to me and everything I’ve said online will just become buried under useless trite information and it will be lost forever. But it’s not lost, even though James Harris is gone, his words, thoughts and the things he loved and cared about remain for others to be inspired by.

I loved those 8-bit horror videos he uploaded, there’s an insane clip of him eating raw meat while watching Faces of Death for the Guts and Grog blog. Our basic connection was that we contributed to each other’s sites on Italian Horror Week and USA UP ALL NIGHT WEEK. I only met him 5 years ago and he was gone too soon. He planned on reviewing Psychomania for us, but sadly it won’t happen and it’s a shame.

All the things he loved and cared about are over at for others to relive and cheer us up. Let’s celebrate his legacy by sharing with others his videos, reviews and things that he cared about on his site. You can contribute whatever you can spare at this link to help his wife Nicole and family (

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