Sunday, November 6, 2016

Delirium aka Psycho Puppet

Delirium (Psycho Puppet). Directed By Peter Maris, starring Barron Winchester (1979).

This film should not be confused with the busty Serena Grandi erotic slasher or another film from 1972 with the same title that starred Mickey Hargitay. Why everyone wanted to reuse this title is a mystery but it was sure hackneyed. Since I'm obsessed with lists and have OCD, I've made it a top priority to see all the video nasties, I was pleased as punch to find that this low brow Namsploit is a laugh riot! All the laughs are unintentional which are the best kind! There are so many cop characters showcased that you'd think it would ruin the pacing of this serial killer on the loose out chopping away at hitchhikers film, but it's so wacky that it registers as entertaining. I'd imagine to play this on network TV, they'd cut out all the gore and just make it about all the plaid stallion looking dudes all befuddled by Charlie. Yeah that's right the crazy Nam vet is named Charlie, could they get any less creative?

We need those TPS reports

I could see this on a double bill with Blood Beach another migraine inducing nonsensical pile of shit. Who's this Charlie you may ask, he's a drifter out killing babes with a meat cleaver or other non-military weapons. To bring out the big guns, they enlist the bald aviator shades wearing dweeb on the cover played by Barron Winchester. He's got a mahogany office with tons of dead animal trophies adorning the walls, the 70's called it wants its everything back! If Ron Burgundy existed this flick would be his inspiration to get up in the morning. 

Boojie Boy, start the nuclear reactor, commence Devo-lution

At a secret kangaroo court, worried Polyester wearing business cretins hand out death sentences like they're going out of style. Every time Charlie assaults a girl, (some scenes look as if he man handled these women a little too hard). They play this library song that I have in my iPod which I got from a long gone stock music blog called Retrotique. There's tons of incidental music from the British gameshow Mastermind. They even borrowed the crashing glass track from Last House on Dead End Street (which used some of the most harrowing library music that ever existed). Check out this informative Video Nasty Podcast by Chris Brown (no not that rapper guy).

Get ready to play BBC's underwater Mastermind. 

All the hideous fashions are a delight and an eyesore simultaneously with most of the police sporting helmet hair. Two guys with plaid jackets and identical mop tops are the main good guys. Nobody really has to say or do much for this film to be enjoyable, even when nothing is going on. The heavy office chatter reminds me of the two crew cut cops from Blood Feast talking about long hard ones (we've covered the Bill Kerwin classic Avenged). Voices drive Charlie to murder women and command in series of echoey emasculating statements. 

The Staten Island backyard scenes of Vietnam depicted in Combat Shock were actually more realistic than the low rent ones here. I get the feeling all extras were slipped 20$ before filming resumed and originally it wasn't a gore flick at all but a Barney Miller style spinoff that they re-edited into the bullshit we have here. If you like offices and paunchy gentlemen with greasy hair swept to the side, this ones gonna be your favorite new discovery. Don't forget there's a Rotten Cotton T-shirt available! 
Anyone who saw this back in the 80s was probably screaming at the TV, "WHEN IS SOMETHING GONNA HAPPEN!?" 

If you have no expectations going in then you might enjoy Delirium, I doubt I even have to go into it, but I don't believe the brain trusts over at Mary Whitehouse's censorship board even watched this one. Skip this weak shit and see My Friends Need Killing instead, an undiscovered Namsploit with teeth. I didn't like this as much as the Werewolf And The Yeti if that's any kind of endorsement!

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