Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Men Behind The Sun 2: Laboratory Of The Devil

Men Behind The Sun 2: Laboratory of the Devil Directed By Godfrey Ho, Starring Zhu De-Cheng (1992).

Godfrey Ho you motherfucker! How dare you accomplish something that's nihilistic, shockingly revolting and surprising of all effective! How did this happen, I was lured into a trap of my own design! How could I not see it coming. As I saw your name listed as the director, skimmed around the Youtube vid and heard some laughable Nightmare on Elm Street music, I just figured "Hey this might be a goof" (wipes sweat from brow), holy shit was I wrong! Even Wiki described you as the "HK Ed Wood", only Wood never delved head first into depravity, well Ok there's that bizarre porn era with Rene Bond, but you never defiled our senses with an actual child corpse. This dead body by the way looks unnervingly real to me (Skunkape who sat through this with me disagreed). She's dismantled in extreme closeup and each organ is pulled out until hollow, kind of like a Thanksgiving turkey (excuse me, REEEETTTTCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)!!!!

Thanks to the Wu Tang collection, this grotesque nightmare is freely available on YT to crush souls and warp minds at the click of a mouse. Skunkape, my partner in grime is the only person on the planet that I can safely enjoy and cackle at something this fucked up and wickedly disturbing. We recently watched Human Centipede 3 together guilt free and each of us has been through the entire sequence (or arduous sequels) together. I don't have the slightest interest to revisit them either.

The worst part about 731 part 2 (or Laboratory of the Devil) for me was that I wasn't able to take notes and had to suffer through it again. It felt like I had picked off a scab that had recently healed (or maybe I was having a nightmare that I had to endure one of the medical experiments from the film). When we viewed it together the first time, we were goofing on it or trying our hardest to deflect the macabre vibes).

Does this mustache make me look like Michael Jordan?

Well, it looks like the same regime from the original is back again only now having a shitty time, aww poor babies--fuck you nazis! Commander Sagawa played by Zhu De-Cheng talks germ warfare and the good old days of squad 731 with some white Nazi bitch with funky teeth at a secret location, as we hear the sleep clinic music from Elm Street 1. Don't let your guard down, because even though we're waste deep in goofiness (bad dubbing, hokey acting), there's also real pickled babies in jars to hurt your feelings. It's rather hard to decipher if the autopsy of a little girl was real, but it definitely got to me. It's kind of odd how when I researched the actors in this on hkmdb the actors only appeared in all three sequels (Yes that's right, this series was so popular that they kept making them)!

I think I left my hot pocket in the toaster oven

Next the ghastly Ishii Shiro shows up played by Wang Gang (nice name), who was also in the first film! This human monster was the Japanese Josef Mengele and it's even more barbaric and mind bending that all of the testing and live evisceration experiments were handed over the General McCarthur in exchange for exoneration, so "Yay Whoopie, Fun Times!"

I dig that popped up collar dude!

If this review sounds repetitive than that's not an accident, this "sequel" really just re-hashes what occurred in the first film. I'll tell you one thing though, this one is a lot less depressing than the first film, although I realize that's like saying a kick in the balls is less painful than a kick in the teeth! They call the tortured captives who are frozen, injected with plague germs, boiled and sliced and diced "logs," as described in a hideous documentary I watched on this subject because they were considered non human. They recreate all the gruesome torture than went on in the first one and there's a few new creative torture scenes for those sickos out there with their pants down getting off on this shit! One scene has a dude being beaten into submission until he slurps down a watermelon injected with poison and a girl with face herpes. Other than that, there's zero reason to suffer through this film, do your self a favor and skip it.

Proactiv doesn't work, I want my money back!

This movie is extremely grim but sort of clumsy in its execution, I mean we are talking about Godfrey "King of shitty ninja movies" Ho! He also made the next sequel too, which I doubt I'll review, but you never know.


As Dr. Katz would say, Our time is up

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