Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Chunkblow

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The Chunkblow Directed by Jamie Chimino and Ben Shutts, starring Corey Sprague (2015)

When this DVD screener arrived at ToG headquarters, you're fearless leader was beyond stoked! I've been a fan of Jamie Chimino (otherwise known as the head honcho at the Street Trash Archive) for a while and couldn't wait to get my stubby hands on a copy of his and Ben Shutts independent short film! 

You know you're gonna automatically like something outright because of what the film makers are influenced by and they proudly display them on screen. What immediately came to my mind from just the title alone was the trailer for Chunkblower by Chas Balun and Jim Van Bebber, a project that never got off the ground. This film would fit in perfectly among the gore soaked movies featured in the Deep Red VHS catalog.   

 photo 10930177_882979481745880_1514563957862684234_n.jpg
face melting action!

In The Chunkblow, we have two rambunctious Genessee ale swilling metal heads named Billy and Marty (Corey Sprague and K.C. Caspar Hodge) who are busy raging as some "milfy" babe is busy making a cherry pie. They snort coke offa Deep Red cover and incoherently babble at each other in this two person freak out. One dude sports an Ultra Violent magazine shirt. They must've gotten a hold of some of that Meet The Feebles Borax coke because as soon as the Ginger hesher blasts off, his face and guts spool out Jennifer Aspinall/ Gianetto De Rossi style as the mother figure played by Debbie Osborn seductively licks the cherry pie drippings, it's all intercut in a gag inducing way. 

 photo chunkblow1.jpg
Guts & Beer just what we crave!

Next, a reptilian puppet jumps out of the human grime puddle and strangles the other party dude until he yacks up a blood bubble-- oh yeah he's also armed and can't shoot straight. The 70's porn-esque mom felates a rolling pin and doesn't seem shocked by the upstairs body melt, I mean, the only reason she noticed it was because there's one main ingredient she forgot in her cherry pie, is it yeast? The Latex effects and splatter are all excellent and should prove to other independent horror film makers that you don't need to go the "CGI Sharknado" route. 

 photo chunkblow2.jpg
I can't make heads or tails of what I'm seeing!

It's refreshing to see a film this short that delivers on all accounts, it's fun, there's tons of gore and it's even a little racy, go out of your way to catch this flick; it's astoundingly fun! My copy came with Marty's Metal Mix (aka the really cool score) and a button, there's also a collectable VHS version available. 

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