Sunday, March 4, 2018

Shameless Promotion Alert: 5 Mins After Midnight

Hello GUTS fans and new readers thanks for visiting, please check out this new podcast my best pal Bobby Hazzard and I just started all about our favorite movie Trick or Treat and subject: Heavy Metal music. We go really in depth, 5 Mins at a time on this film and sometimes it could take up to an hour and change. I was originally inspired by my old friend Brett Stillo who does a 5 mins of Big Trouble in Little China podcast. Since Bobby and I are big metal nerds, I figured we should talk about one of our favorite movies. Please subscribe and support 5 MINS AFTER MIDNIGHT. Thanks to Jeano Coffinberry for the artwork below. Thanks to and Fangoria for all the resources.

 Here's the FB Fanclub link.

 Download the Episodes here.

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