Thursday, June 15, 2017


Over the years we've had many writers go through the revolving door here at the Theater of Guts compound/ satanic temple, rumpus room and lounge but they've all moved onto other things or maybe they lost the building key, who knows?

At any rate, we need fresh blood, so my pals over at , a wonderful print and online zine I write for have agreed to help me recruit some damn good film critic snobs to tackle anything we haven't covered about Chas Balun's VHS bootleg catalog. The categories went from American Trash, Cat 3, Italian Horror, Emanuelles, Japanese Horror, Hong Kong Action, even Troma stuff like Combat Shock and unrated Class of Nuke Em High. 

What's that you say, you have no idea what that is? Chas Balun was the 90's version of Lester Bangs, only instead of trashing records and hobnobbing with punk celebs, he gave so much to the horror community, by supplying them with uncut copies of rare, unseen foreign horror in an age rife with hypocrisy and censorship (which we're rapidly returning too sadly). He offered films like Nekromantik, The Beyond and Last House on Dead End Street on a dubbed videotape for a small price and waxed nostalgia like in his brilliant magazine Deep Red, which this site is a tribute to. There's also gonna be a resurrection of said zine coming soon in the future.

Here's how it goes, you pick a film that you think fits in the realm of sleaze, gore, trash anything that would've been mentioned in the pages of Deep Red or sold as a bootleg. Vhs nostalgia nerds are welcome here. Hell, even Criterion smut like Salo and The Sweet Movie is fair game. 
Just message Erok Hellhammer (aka Crankenstein) on FB and he will set you up with a list of what's been covered and not covered and a film link or mp4. For example the movie Dr. Gore is one that we need reviewed. So please get in touch.

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