Monday, February 27, 2017

Nekromantik 2

Nekromantik 2. Directed By Jorg Buttgereit, Starring Monika M. (1991).

There are a couple of things I noticed first hand while watching this film after successfully avoiding it for years. It's downright classy and yet all the scum and filth is now under a microscope for you to masturbate too--ahem--I mean see clearly, no longer is it able to hide in the grime of super 8 blown up to the next film stock level. There's more women this time around and even thought they perform repulsive, vomit inducing acts, they all look stunning. Monika M. takes over for the previous corpse fornicator Beatrice, whom we see for a few minutes but she doesn't want to be a third wheel and bails.

It's over, you laid a rancid beefncheeser after that Arby's pig out session!

I liked how in this film there's a lot of thrift store nic nacs (like a 60's Fred Flintstone bank, a naked lady toilet paper holder), it's kitschy and the same kind of garbage I collect. Buttgereit is injecting humor this time around, (even though I still found that cum squirting papier mache suicide penis from the previous movie pretty hilarious, but I'm in the minority).

Available at the finer Ross Dress for Less establishments.

There's an emphasis on the Rom part as opposed to the Nekro, but rotting corpse fans still have lots of eye candy to chew on. Monika M. is the main protagonist wrestling with her revolting obsession to grind the rigor mortis out of the excruciatingly green, slimy dead body of Rob, (Daktari Lorenz's character from the 1st film). She is a major fan of his and even has his suicide headline tacked on her wall!

Mark (Mark Reeder), a dude who does noises for porn flix crosses paths with Monika at a movie premiere, which even has a Hitchcockian cameo by Jorg himself! There's a wacky parody of My Dinner With Andre that was on a Mighty Boosh level of goofiness. Reeder directed a Berlin punk documentary called B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin, which has a cavalcade of stars, including Blixa Bargeld, Nick Cave, David Hasselhoff and even the late David Bowie!

Holy Shit, Ladies and Gentlemen here comes "The Hoff" to sing this Einsturzen cover of "Dah Dah Dah"!

The new found couple have a fun time eating soft boiled eggs, riding a Ferris wheel-- you know typical date stuff! Critics have bitched about the pacing, and by that, I mean people on IMDb who can't figure out how to spell properly! Sheesh! R.I.P. film criticism!

So, Monika gets out her baby saw, yellow kitchen gloves and starts cutting up the dead corpse of Rob. I guess she already got her rocks off and wants this used up sex toy out of the apartment, I mean it's embarrassing already!

God! For a nurse, she seems to be pulling in a lot of hard work off the clock at least the girl in the first film had time to relax with a nice "Countess Bathory style red bath! "Calgon, Take Me Away!" I mean just watching her saw off that pustule, decomposing head looks like grudge work, that's the part on Dexter they make look effortless! My favorite part is how she actually puts Cling wrap on the stumpy, shriveled black rotten penis (what is she saving it for later--why not, it's the weekend)!

I just can't quit you Miles Davis and I hope these spaghetti sauce stains come out.

When Slayer wrote "Necrophiliac", I highly doubt they imagined a foxy babe that's dissatisfied with fucking the living. I was thinking this could be the subject of the next "50 Shades" movie, I mean isn't that what this new scary version of mainstream America wants?

There's a super tripped out piano song that's just what I was thinking "Love Me Deadly" needed!
The relationship dynamics are pretty intelligent, even if they are hardly noticed by Mondo snuff, Faces of Death fanatics craving their next shock value injection. 

One vile scene, which Skunkape explained to me, shows adorable seals that were butchered and mutilated, but apparently they were about to die and Buttgereit used this for shock value as he did with the skinned rabbits from the original film. During this part I'd image Crazy Ernie, the seal clubbing car salesmen from UHF would jerk off to this scene. This horrendous tape is used as a passive aggressive jab at us the audience and the boyfriend character, it's forcing us to come to terms with what we find arousing versus repugnant. It's mean spirited but necessary, especially aimed at gorehounds who connect snuff, porn and typical slashers as all in the same league.

I give Jorg all the credit, he does a great job and this is a lot better sequel than I expected. I think this one was worth the wait. The first time I became aware of this film was through Deep Red Alert #1, which came out the summer I entered high school and yes, I was attracted to the naked babe sitting atop of the grisly fetid looking dead fucker. It's the same reaction I'd imagine the grindhouse going crowd watched the 40s exploitation Kroger Bab flick Mom and Dad and focused on the vagina erupting a human baby and ignored the spewing liquids and shrieking mouth, they just zoomed in on the surrounding pubic area. OK now I'm officially disgusted with myself thanks a lot Jorg! I'm confident that's the reaction he was driving for, nice work!

SHAMELESS PROMOTION ALERT! Graham Rae was kind enough to mention TOG in the Nekromantik comic book, which is available from All you have to do is message them and paypal the money, it's totally easy, go order one now.



  1. Great review, if that big-breasted babe mounted my dead body, part of me would indeed come back to life!

  2. Where can I get Graham's Nekromantik comic in English?! (Duh!)


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