Sunday, October 11, 2015

Theater of Guts & Co. Podcast

 episode 001

It's your pal Skunkape! First of all I'd like to thank all those who read and support the Theater Of Guts Blog. You're beautiful people and are what keep us reviewing these fine feature films. What you see embedded above is a podcast. (sort of) After nights of drinking and talking movies Erok Hellhammer aka Crankenstein and I finally decided to speak out, we woke up early, created an outline of talking points and hit record. It's the first podcast, our cherries are popped.  We do make some points and other times forget what point we were trying to make. Cut us some slack will ya? Because more are in the works and we promise you'll be entertained. In this episode we tackle House on the Edge of the Park and some other Rape and Revenge classics. Praise Hess!

For now look for the recordings on our Wordpress Blog ---> HERE  You can download or watch on the YouTube Channel GUT's GARBAGE.


So listen, then comment, Give us some feedback or your 2 cents!

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