Monday, March 10, 2014

Erotic Ghost Story

Erotic Ghost Story (Liao zhai yan tan) Directed by Lam Ngai Kai (or Ngai Choi Lam), starring Amy Yip (1987).
This is the 4th film that we've tackled by this prolific film maker (along with Her Vengeance, The Seventh Curse and his last film The Cat). No one has reviewed the sublimely, yet overly discussed Story Of Ricky only because it's such a wildly known gore masterpiece. Lam cut his filmic path moving up in the ranks of the Shaw Brothers studios and then churning out some of the best known Golden Harvest flicks working closely with TOG favorite Jing Wong. He uses many pseudonyms to stay off the radar, but is an extremely talented and underrated director. This is his tamest film, but if you can appreciate the female form and want to see an Eastern take on The Witches Of Eastwick, it's not terrible, just a little dull. 
Duhh..... brain fart
   A village full of boob-a-holics in satin pajamas get swindled by a sexy ghost witch and her beautiful sisters. As the men try to clutch onto the women's titties like giant babies they are met with a serious case of accidental necrophilia, because the young ladies have the strange cloaking ability to turn themselves into rotting corpses, if they are about to be sexually assaulted! How's that for self defense!

corpses that cry ranch dressing

   The sisters visit a fertility statue with a circle of ghastly faces named Wu Tung (or Wu Tang in some versions)! One girl is followed by an accusatory taoist priest dressed in green, he's not out of line for criticizing her, because she is a fairy fox spirit hiding in human form and they soon battle each other with cartoonish laser beams. 
Don't cross the pastel bronie streams
   There is a 36 day pact between the sisters to become human and they fear that the evil lord Wu Tang will try and disrupt the process. Unless you're a lesbian or a raging pervert with a wicked case of yellow fever, there's not much entertainment value. We get to see Amy Yip's giant hooters (but then I can always watch Robotrix again, that movie never gets old)! 
   It's hard to believe this is the same director as Story Of Ricky and Seventh Curse, I'm grateful he threw in some nudity, but sad that there are zero monster babies or full force punches that mush in skulls. He must've wanted to get this period piece out of his system (it comes off high and low brow simultaneously). The soft-core scenes teeter on the edge of explicit, but are still more reserved (they got the well respected catagory III rating anyway).  
   Wu Ming (Tan Lap-Man, who's name is perfect, because he gets more lap than a toilet seat)! He gets to plow all three sisters and the sex scenes almost reach an oriental Russ Meyer zenith, but not quite. 
Cut out the fucking splashing?
   Tsui Hark took a similarly dull route with Green Snake (which I found impossible to watch without succumbing to narcolepsy).
   Wu Ming has magical powers of extreme lust, because after each hot female learns of his three timing, they all end up boning him anyway, that lucky bastard!  
   I've never seen The Witches Of Eastwick entirely but after watching the cherry vomit scene in this and comparing the Veronica Cartwright performance on Youtube, this one fails miserably. It's not entirely a re-make either, they decided to tribute the cherry pit scene and the ending. This "Asian Jack Nicholson" manages to give all the sister's a wicked case of hairy chest syndrome (they start transforming back into giant canids). It turns out that he is the human incarnation of Wu Tung, the evil multi-faced statue seen in the beginning all along (I mean their names are practically the same). The ending basically degenerates into the plot of Eastwick (from what I remember, I used to fast forward to the good parts).
Slightly Recommended more sex than Sex and Zen, but less fun then usual Category III's


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